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I’ve had these products from the Lacura skin care line for quite a few months and done quite a bit of testing.  I’ve a mixed bag on the results front!

These are all available from Aldi and they each retail for under £5.  Unfortunately they are not available online and not always available in store – I’m sure if you’re familiar with Aldi you know that stock gets switched out regularly but I have seen them quite often.  I tested these all out together and then individually to see the impact of each product.

Let’s start with the Clear Effect line.
“The special formulas of the coordinated cleansing and care products if the Lacura Clean Effect range are idealy suited to the special needs of the adult, blemish prone skin.  They restore the skin’s balance and moisturise to counteract the first fine lines caused by dryness.  Products are particularly gentle to skin and prevent impurities.  For refined and even complexion.”
“…protect the skin and counteracts the impurities.”

I used the gel cleanser every morning for at least a month and unfortunately the results weren’t great.  It irritated my skin quite badly actually, I ended up with red sore lumps along my jaw line as well as adding the the general breakouts around my chin.  Now, before we go any further, I know chin spots are due to hormone imbalance, an imbalanced caused by any number of things.  Mine worsened when using this cleanser.

Next up, the Mattifying Moisturiser.  This was also a fail for me.  It didn’t really help mattify my skin for any length of time and actually made my skin oiler.  The texture of my skin felt worse too, it felt like it clogged up my pores a bit more and I got those annoying blackheads that eventually came to a head.  So the combination of cleanser and this moisturiser, not a good thing.  The consistency was fine, it’s just not for me.

Now for the products that I did like!  The Soothing Night Cream was lovely.  It’s not too thick and it spread nicely.  It moisturised my skin nicely without being too heavy.  It didn’t cause any irritation.  I didn’t notice any massive positive effects but I didn’t have any bad effects either!  I will happily use this up and I think it’s an OK moisturiser.

Lastly the Face Treatment Oil for Sensitive skin.
“The fragrance free formula of Lacura Face Treatment Oil for sensitive skin has been developed according to the latest scientific findings for soothing and strengthening sensitive and irritated skin.”

This isn’t to help with blemishes, I just thought I’d try it out.  I actually liked this too.  It is a dry oil and absorbs pretty quickly.  I also really like the packaging for this.  This applied nicely and if I applied too much I used a tissue to dab off the excess.  Again this didn’t cause any irritation.  I often used it by itself at night depending on how my skin was feeling.  This also worked well with the night cream.

All in all I would recommend the Soothing Night Cream and Face Treatment Oil.  You can check out the video below if you’d like to hear the brief about each product, this post would end up a mile long!

Thanks for reading!

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