Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Review!

Essence is finally properly available in the UK online!  So I thought it about time to give you a review of this rather wonderful budget mascara!

This retails at £2.80 from Wilko*.  So it’s an absolute bargain.  This is quite a dry formula to start with, which I really like as I don’t really get on with wetter mascaras.  The brush is made up of bristles and it is quite a big brush – almost the length of my eye and wide.  I like a big brush, reduces application time!  This mascara also coats the full length of my lashes very easily.  So let’s see how it looks.

No Mascara
One Coat, Top Lashes, Not Combed
Two Coats on Top Lashes, One Coat on Bottom Lashes, Combed Through
I know, stupidly applied black eyeliner so it’s not the clearest.  I do think it still shows up pretty well though!  You can see that there all some small clumps but they disappear pretty easy with some simple combing through.  You can see with two coats it definitely adds more drama and I do see more volume at the base of my lashes particularly.  I’m also happy to wear this on my lower lashes and I don’t worry about it dropping down throughout the day.  This mascara also layers really nicely under/over other mascaras, you can check out the video below if you’d like to see a third layer applied!

All in all, I’m a massive fan of this mascara and would definitely recommend checking it out.  Be warned, mascara is a very personal thing.  I like bristle brushes, drier formulas and volume!
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