Facetheory (Was Foryou) Signature Cleanser Review

As part of my goodie bag from the Bloggers Tea Party I received various skin care samples to test out and this is one of them.  It’s the Foryou Signature Cleanser C1 (Foryou has rebranded, now Facetheory) for Combination Skin, the active ingredients in my sample are apricot, avocado and silk, the ingredients seem to have changed in the version now being sold on the website.  It now contains coconut oil instead of apricot.

I’ve been using this for the past 10 days, but I’m close to running out of the sample, so I thought I’d give you some initial impressions.  This is a gentle, creamy cleanser.  I tested out using both in the mornings and at night.  I generally preferred to use it in the evenings as my second cleanser, applying it to a dry face and then using a warm face cloth to remove it.  It spreads easily, I do use a decent size blob (technical term) and apply it with dry hands working in circular motions.

This wasn’t necessarily the best to remove all my makeup, well I don’t like using it to remove my eye makeup in particular, it’s fine with face makeup.  This did leave my skin feeling soft and didn’t dry it out.  It also didn’t irritate my skin, which is good when it’s finally starting to heal up.  There was no particular scent from this cleanser.  I did enjoy using it and would definitely consider purchasing again in the future when I’ve finished up some of my other cleansers.

Thank you for reading!

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