Superfacialist Cleansing Oil Review

I’ve had this cleansing oil for quite a few months, in fact it featured in my May Favourites.  So I’ve had plenty of time to test it out and make my mind up.  First off, I love the products itself, the reason I still have so much of the product?  The packaging drives me potty.  Seriously.

Let’s discuss the oil first.  I tend to use this as my first cleanse to remove my makeup.  This does a great job at removing the majority of my, only leaving a tiny amount of mascara or eyeliner.  I pour some into the palm of my hand and massage it onto my face, this oil is great to use for facial massage.  Once I think I’ve broken down majority of my makeup, I rinse my hands shaking off most of the excess and then dampen my face.  This turns the oil into more of a milky solution.  I give my face another rub and then I rinse my face.  I will either just splash my face with water or with a warm damp face cloth.   I prefer to splash my face with water.  It does leave a small amount of residue on the skin, although not the bad greasy kind, it feels like this is something lovely on my skin doing good things.  My skin feels soft and thoroughly cleansed, I don’t notice any brightening effects but my skin does generally feel “better” or “nicer”.

This doesn’t irritate my skin at all and I think it’s great value for money, 200ml for £10.99*.  You don’t need very much of this to cleanse your face so this should last for quite some time.  Unfortunately the packaging drives me utterly potty.  It’s a flip lid that you pour the oil from.  This leads to a weird sticky mess all over the bottle and lid.  The bottle gets grubby and messy, it really is not pleasant to use.  Hence why I have so much of it 6 months later!  I have cleaned this bottle so often and it’s still gross after a few uses.  Why couldn’t it be a pump?

Right well that’s it!  The product is great, the packaging is utterly awful.
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