Back Next Week!

Howdy folks! You may have noticed I’ve been a tad quiet on the blogging front, at the very least patchy!  I’m sure you’re all aware of the various upheavals that have gone on recently in my life, throw in some new changes and plans….Well to be short I’m taking time off!  I will be back recording videos and taking pictures this weekend and I’ve got a few posts planned.  So I should be back into the swing of things by next week, new schedule is falling into place.

I have thoroughly enjoyed relaxing over Christmas, spending a disproportionate amount of time in my pjs.  I had no alarms, no To-do lists and the height of our excitement was seeing a few friends.  We got to Skype all our family over Christmas too.  So all in all, I’ve had a great Christmas and I’m a lot more relaxed and ready to start fresh!

I hope you’ve had a lovely break and I’ll see you soon!
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