Beauty Empties!

Time to dig through my trash from December!  I’m actually proud of myself that I’ve finished up a few skin care items!  Go team!

So shower stuff first! I finished up the Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of these, I ended up with build on my hair and scalp and I’m not sure that it did anything wonderful for my colour.  We finished the Creightons Raspberry & Pomegranate revive shower burst shower gel.  This was fine, it was quite sweet smelling which I’m not fussed on, I got this as a gift with purchase but won’t be buying it in future.  Something I use after I shower and utterly adore are the Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads, you can click on the link to read my review on them.


Now for face products.  I finally managed to use up my Sanctuary Spa Fresh-faced Purifying Wash*, this was fine, I didn’t notice any improvement in my skin, it didn’t irritate my skin and was quite gentle.  I’ve also used up the Camomile Cleansing Butter which I have already repurchased, you can click on the link to read my full review on this.  I have two eye creams this month!  I have entirely used up the Clinique All About Eyes* cream, I really enjoyed this, I didn’t have any irritation and it did leave the skin around my eye nice and soft.  I’m not sure there was any improvement in my wrinkles but I also don’t milia when I use this, I tend to has issues with these with a lot of eye creams.  I’m getting rid of my Origins GinZing eye cream, I did really enjoy this when I first purchased it.  Unfortunately I forgot about it and I think it was past it’s best when I went back to it, it caused those annoying milia to pop up, thankfully they disappeared when I stopped using it.  I would recommend it, you can click on the link  to review my original review.  Sadly I used up the last of my stash of GlamGlow YouthMud face mask, I love this mask and managed to save this sample for quite a long time until my skin really needed a helping hand.  Love it, would recommend it!   From Balance Me I have finished up a rollerball of the Face Oil, this was something else that was past it’s best.  I did initially use this on my face and it was fine but I didn’t notice any improvements or differences, this got forgotten about and when I dug it out it was past the use by date, so I used it up on my body.  I won’t be rushing out to purchase this – I got it as a free gift with purchase.   The last skin care item is an empty packet of Soap & Glory Off Your Face face wipes.  I really disliked these, the smell, the stripping effect on my face, everything about these.  I only bought them to use before I hit the gym after work – I hate working out with makeup on, it just clogs up your pores.

Now for the few makeup items this month.  I have a sample of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I only got a few uses out of this before it dried out.  I’ve used this before and generally like it, I’m testing out some other primers now.  I’ve two eyelash curlers, first pair from Kevyn Aucoin* I love these and I’ve repurchased them, these have a nice oval shape and fit my eyes really nicely and do a great job of curling my lashes.  The second pair are from The Vintage Cosmetics Company, these are more of a circle shape and nipped my eyelids and actually pulled out a few of my lashes, they were just too small for my eyes, plus the spring worried me!   My Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara had dried out too much to wear without faking, the Jordana Best Volume Extreme was starting to really drop down on my lower lids leaving a grey shadow under my eyes almost constantly, it had to go!  I’ve had to give in and throw out my Maybelline The Rocket Volum* mascara, I love this stuff, I’ve talked about it often enough, buy it.  I’m also finally chucking my Collection Colour Lash* clear mascara, I used this to set my brows, that’s why it looks pretty disgusting!  I’ve already repurchased.

That’s it!  Well done for getting to the end of the post!  You can check out the video below if you want a closer look at anything mentioned.

Thanks for reading!


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