De-Fuzzing the Face!

I watched a video by Julia Graf on these little gems and I thought I should help spread the word.

We all have facial hair, even if we sometimes try to pretend we don’t.  For a long time I got my moustache threaded and I still think that it’s a good option.  I’ve switched to these razors in recent months and they’re a more budget friendly option.  I bought mine from Amazon for £3.19*, I’m sure you could find them even cheaper if you searched!  So far I’ve used the blue razor 3 times and it’s still a close shave.  So I think they’re excellent value for money.  I only use these on my moustache though, not my entire face, so I’m not sure that they would be reusable after shaving an entire face.

There has always been the worry that if you shave your hair grows back darker and thicker.  I’m here to help confirm the fact that it won’t.  I’m not suggesting that you need to remove hair from any part of your face by the way!  I do my lip because it always seems darker after I’ve applied my foundation over the top.  The skin’s surface is much smoother after shaving meaning makeup also applies better after shaving too.  Another bonus!

If you’re interested in how to use the razor you can watch Julia’s video.  Basically you don’t go against the grain, you go with the grain.  I do this maybe once a month after I get out of the shower – I get a closer save that way.  It felt very odd the first time I used them, I was worried I would cut my face but I never have!

I definitely think these are a great option if you’re worried about facial hair and may not have the budget, or access get threading done.  I’ve never tried waxing, but the thought of having my face waxed…I can tolerate my bikini line getting waxed, I’m not willing to test it out on my face.  Plus I’ve read it may not be the best option for skin on they face.

Anyway, that’s it.  I like these little razors, they’re handy to have.  Do you remove the hair on your face?  What do you use?

Thanks for reading!

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