Dry Skin Saviour! Deep Steep Moisture Stick

I’ve had some serious issues with dry patches on my hands.  It’s mostly my own fault, I’ve not been wearing gloves on icy cold days, or gloves to do the washing up, or actually moisturising my hands at all.  So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that I ended up with painful, itchy dry patches on my hand.  Then I remembered I had this gem stashed in my handbag for just such emergencies.

This is the Deep Steep Honeydew Moisture Stick* and it’s designed to melt from the heat from your skin to become almost an oil consistency.  I noticed a difference in my skin within the day, the dry patches looked less red and angry and the skin itself wasn’t as dry or split!  Winner.  I’ve been applying it regularly throughout the day and it has really helped.  I’m hoping I will have beautiful hands by the end of the week at this rate!

This is a natural moisture stick, you can check out the ingredients list on the Deep Steep website.  Clearly it contains some great stuff!  It has a coconut oil base which explains how quickly it melts.  I love the fact that this is so compact, more so than any of my hand creams.  So it is now with me at all times until I get this dry skin under control!  Have you been having issues with dry patches this Winter?  How have you deal with them?

*Update, it would seem I have eczema on my hand, so although this is helping to sooth the irritation and deal with the dry skin, I am now taking cream specifically for eczema.  So this will not be the sole product fixing the dry patches but it is definitely helping!

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