Goals & Plans for 2015

I felt the need to pop on here and give you a bit of an update.  I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, it feels recently though it’s either been a haul post, favourites post and empties.  I have to apologise a bit for that!  I have lots of product reviews coming, so I may end up apologising for doing lots of reviews soon!!

So let’s chat about my goals for 2015.

Spend less – by this I mean, be more selective in what I’m buying and stick to my beauty diet.

Procrastinate less – I’m already starting to do this. I get easily distracted by netflix or amazon prime, whichever hosts my current addiction.  I need to turn this off. I need to stop scrolling through instagram incessantly.  At least until after I’ve done my tasks for the day.

Look After My Health More – Something else I’ve got back into.  I’m drinking more water again and I’m getting up to do my yoga in the mornings again.  I know they both benefit me but I’m just rubbish at maintaining them.  So this year I just want to keep at it.  Also I want to try and maintain a regular workout schedule that is doable.  I sometimes get carried away when I’m ache free and then I injure myself and it throws my training off for weeks.

Be Kind To Myself – This ties into the last point a bit.  When I do fall of the wagon or start to slack, I won’t beat myself up, instead I will just remind myself why I’m doing it and get back on it.  I often find myself feeling guilty for not keeping on top of everything.  I need to stop beating myself up about stuff in general!

Start using a Planner – So I have gradually become more and more organised since I started blogging.  In fact I did a post about it a while ago here.  Things have changed slightly since that post.  Something I’ve added is a monthly planner (you can see it in the picture).  I want to add more variety to my weekly posts, to do this I needed to get a better overview.  I had a bit of a google and found this free printable planner on Shining Mom.  I’ve already filled out the weeks for the rest of January! For some reason it’s also inspiring new ideas, clearly my brain needed a fresh look at things.

Read & Comment on more blogs – This one is pretty self explanatory.  I’m hoping that as I get better at planning, I will have some more time available to read more.  I know some days it won’t happen, but as long as it’s in my head, I’m more likely to do it!  I love reading comments on my blog, so I thought I would pay it forward a bit and make the effort to comment on the blogs I follow.  Now I don’t mean just leaving a meaningless comment – “You’re gorgeous, high five”, having received a few of these in the past I won’t do it to someone else.  It just makes me feel like an ad board for someone to post their link and that they haven’t actually read the post.  So nice comments as I want to connect more with other bloggers.

More Decluttering – I need to desperately declutter my wardrobe and my bookcase.  Must. Stop. Hoarding.  Enough said!

Attend more events/meetups – I went to my first blogger meet up this year (post here) and I also went to the Debenhams SS15 event (Fashion post here // Home post here).  I want to try and get to more of these in 2015, they’re great fun!

Improve my skills – I’ve been gradually working on this.  I want to improve my photography skills and my web based skills.  I work in IT but not so much on the web front.  I also want to improve my videos, I just need to figure out what I want from this before starting!  I want to improve these skill sets for me and to help improve my blog & youtube channel.

So that’s it!  I did pretty well on my beauty resolutions from 2014, the only one I didn’t do too well on was using up my cream eyeshadows! So not bad in my opinion.  Fingers crossed I do as well this year!

Thanks for reading!

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