Makeup Inventory Purge & Update!

Bit of an up date on my makeup inventory!  I did an end of year purge and I’ve gotten rid of products that I either barely used, I just wasn’t happy with or that had gone a tad “funny”.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt the need to have a bit of an end of year clear out.  I’ve actually managed to be quite firm with myself this time and get rid of quite a bit.  I will be passing on the bits that don’t work for me, or throwing out anything that are past their best.  As I did get rid of quite a bit you can watch the video below to see.

Inventory wise there are a few areas that I’ve managed to great reduce since the original post 9 months ago.  I’ll start with face products.  My foundation count has gone from 11 to 6, powder blush has gone from 37 tho 34, cream blush 13 to 10.  I’m pleased about that!  For eye products I’ve made some progress on that front too.  I’ve gone from 35 to 30 eyeliners, or mascara I had 11 now I’ve 5 and for cream eyeshadows I’ve gone from 19 to 13.  Unfortunately not much has changed on the lip products front.  I’ve actually got more lipsticks now than at the start.  I did get rid of some lipsticks that didn’t suit me, but I also purchased a few new lipsticks.

All in all I’m happy with my progress.  I’m getting better at resisting the urge to pop into boots on my lunches and pick up the latest thing.  I don’t think I fancy doing another project pan, so I’ve decided to do a beauty diet instead.  I’m not going to focus on just a few products.  So the rules of the diet!

I must use up two makeup products before purchasing any new makeup.
If there are any products that I don’t use in at least 6 months I have to consider chucking them.
For masks I  have to use them up until I have only two left before buying any.  I may have a sheet mask addiction, so I need to make sure I use up my stash of masks!
I have to finish all my cleansers and makeup removers before buying any new ones.

So nothing too drastic and it should help me get more familiar with my collection and stop letting products go to waste!  Well I can hope.  If you’d like to see a more recent look at my collection, I did an update on my storage in September you can check the post out here.

If you’ve managed to make it to the end of this well done, high fives!
Thanks for reading

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