Vichy Normaderm Review

I’ve been testing these three products from the Vichy Normaderm range since the start of November last year.  So I thought it about time that I’d share how I’ve been getting on!

Let’s start with the Deep cleansing purifying gel*.  What the website says:
“Purifying Cleansing Gel targets dilated or clogged pores, shine, imperfections, even recurring ones.”

 I use this in the mornings only, I find using it twice a day is too much for my skin, causing sore red lumps to appear – this doesn’t contain any nasty drying soap ingredients but it does contain active acid ingredients.   I use it on dry skin, I take almost a pump onto my dry hands and massage it onto my face in circular motions.  It dries down in about 30seconds, then I take a warm damp face cloth and massage the gel off.  I’m so pleased I took the advice of Caroline Hirons and use it dry, it seems much more effective.  My pores are much less clogged and I think it generally helps to reduce the amount of spots I get and how long they hang about.  This costs £11 for 200ml, which I think isn’t bad at all!  I only ever use a single pump and as you can see I’m not even half way down the bottle after about 11 weeks of almost daily use.  I think it’s actually pretty good value for money and I would recommend checking it out if you have issues with blemishes.  Plus I’m a fan of the pump!

Now for the Hydrating Cream*, this is £12 for 50ml.  What the website says:  “Normaderm Hydrating Care for oily, imperfection prone skin provides complete care and transforms 6 imperfection concerns: Blemishes, Pores, Shine, Oily Skin, Marks, Uneven Complexion. Inspired by dermatological peeling, the new formula is enriched with LHA + Salicylic Acid + Glycolic Acid to help reduce the appearance of imperfections, revealing a complexion that looks healthier and more even…So effective, skin looks purer and healthier”

I tried really hard to use this, unfortunately I think it is too harsh for my skin.  There are quite a few acids in this cream and I think my skin is just not oily enough for this to work for me.  Unfortunately I ended up with sore red lumps appearing – which based on pass experience – indicts that I’m being too tough on my skin.  I think this would work much better if you have very blemish prone skin, or very oily skin.  I have dry/normal/oily combination sensitive skin.  Oh the joys! This is quite a thin moisturiser, it spreads really nicely and absorbs quickly into the skin.  You don’t need very much to cover your face.

Finally for Night Detox*, this costs £15 for 40ml.  What the website says: “Upon awakening blemishes appear reduced, pores look less visible, complexion is radiant and skin feels clean and purified. Those with oily, blemish prone skin suffer from an over production of sebum during the night.  By morning, the skin can feel dirty and dull with additional blemishes.  New Normaderm Night Detox targets the skin overnight by helping to control the production of sebum while purifying the skin.  Powerful formula yet kind to the skin.  The texture is light and non greasy leaving the skin with a clean fresh sensation.”

I think this is my favourite product from the few I have tried.  This is quite thin in consistency and sinks into the skin really quickly.  I’ve been using this religiously since I bought it and I think this has definitely improved my skin.  Again I’m getting fewer blemishes and those that do appear, do not hang about for too long.  My skin definitely feels less greasy in the mornings and gone are the mornings that I wake with a new enormous spot!  I’m not sure about the whole pores being tightened, but I would agree with the rest of the above list.

So out of the three things I’ve tried from the Normaderm range I would recommend the Night Detox and Deep cleansing purifying gel.  Have you tried any of the Normaderm range?  Would you recommend any other products?  I’d love to know!


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