How I Stay Organised!

Like a lot of other people, I work full time and fit in my blog and youtube channel around that.  So I thought I’d show you how I stay organised and maybe it could help you out a bit too!

First let’s talk stationary…

I’m a fan of having notebook on hand for ideas and keeping a track of posts.  I have a pukka pad that’s divided up.  In the first section I’ve drawn out tables, so down the side I list my ideas and along the top I’ve all the things I need to do for that post – so record video, photos, edit, schedule, any tweets I have to schedule, you get the idea.  It’s great for ticking off as I go.  The second section I use for putting more details for the posts and videos.  I use the third section for making notes on any changes I want to make to my blog or youtube channel or anything I need to practice etc.

I printed of a free calendar from Shining Mom, I’ve put it in display folder.  I like how easy it is to see what I’ve planned and get an overview of what posts are going up.  I’m trying to get better at adding more variety to my posts each week and I’ve been finding this calendar really useful.  I always use a pencil as I have been known to change my mind.

On a day to day basis I use a page a day diary.  I am a fan of making lists if you’ve not guessed, so I make a list of any tasks I have to do, whether it’s work related, blog & youtube related or other fun stuff, it all goes in the diary.  I also like to make a note of anything else I achieve throughout the day, it’s quite satisfying.  I’ve starting using these fun page markers/page flags, they make me smile.  Useful for any important appointments or paydays.  The side-its are handy for making notes and popping in the blank section at the back.  I got both sets from My Pretty Week etsy shop.

Now for apps

I have two apps I find really useful.  Evernote is really handy.  I use it to save links I need to include in posts and products wishlists.  It was really useful when I was organising our wedding.  I have it on my work PC, my mac at home and on my phone, so when if I add a note, it’s updated everywhere.  Very handy if you don’t have a notebook on hand.  I also use Tweetdeck, also very useful.  I can’t always get online when I’m at work due to meetings or ya know, work.  So I like to schedule all my tweets as much as I can, when I schedule my youtube videos, I pop the url in all my tweets.  For my blog I can’t always get the specific url until the post is live, so I just update the url on any planned tweets.

My Schedule

I don’t have time during the week to really record videos at the minute or really take pictures.  I prefer to make use of natural light along with my light.  So I do it all on the weekend, so I’ll record 3 videos and any pictures to go along with them.  I also like to pop up two additional post, so if I need any photos for those, I’ll take them then.  I do try and get them edited sooner rather than later.  So I’m not particularly sociable, but my husband doesn’t mind – he’s generally watching videos or playing games too.  If I know I’m going to be busy on the weekend or away, I’ll record more videos in the prior weekends.  I do sometimes have to still edit blogpost or videos during the week, but nothing too much.  I do have some times when I go off schedule, but that’s entirely allowed too.

So this is how I stay organised and on top of things without feeling entirely swamped.  Have you any tips you’d like to share? Or any nice stationary you like…I may be a fan of stationary too.

If you’d like a closer look at anything you can check out my video below.
Thanks for reading!

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