Makeup Revolution Eye Primer Review

I’ve been playing with the Makeup Revolution Eye Primer – Original and I wanted to share my thoughts.  You may remember I picked up this relatively recently, I mentioned it in my haul.

This retails for £2.50 for 7ml.  What the website says
“Ensure your eyeshadow lasts all day and doesn’t crease with this revolutionary eye primer!  Easily (sic) to apply with the application (sic), this eye primer is a MUST HAVE for everyone’s makeup daily regime and at just £2.50, it is great value.”
Now for what I think!

Yes it is cheap, unfortunately for me it didn’t help my eyeshadow last at all! It lasts about 3 hours, 4 hours at the most.  Although I wouldn’t trust it that long.  I noticed just after applying it, it was already starting to crease – before I’d even put on any eyeshadow!  I attempted applying the least amount that I could, but it didn’t help.  I used far less than shown in the swatch picture below.  I tend to apply my face and eye primer together and by the time I’d finished applying the rest of face, my eye primer had creased.  I tried setting it before applying my eyeshadow, still no luck.  After a few hours my lids looked greasy and my eyeshadow was almost off my lid and any that was left was in my creases.  Not a good look.

I love makeup revolution but I don’t really have anything good to say about this primer.  Maybe I need the matte primer but I’ve never had issues with oily lids in the past at all, based on my Urban Decay primer potion*, bareMinerals Prime Time eye primer* or my mac painterly paint pot.  It has quite a thin consistency, much thinner that any of the primers I mentioned, which made it difficult to get a small amount on my lids.  I tended to apply a small bit to the back of my hand and then onto my eyelids, I’ve even tried it with a brush.  I have to say I tried the MUA eye primer a few times and much prefer it, unfortunately it was out of stock when I popped into the shop, hence buying this in the first place!

I’m so sad this is such a negative review, I utterly love Makeup Revolution eyeshadow, it’s excellent.  If you have dry eyelids maybe this would work for you? Or if you have tried this and had better luck than me, please let us know down below!

Oh well, we live and learn, I’m glad I did try it out.  I will probably use this up for my videos as I don’t need my eyeshadow to last all day.  So at least I can finish it up.

Thanks for reading!

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