My Mac Lipsticks

I had a few, very loved, mac lipsticks.   So let’s have a closer look at them, I’ve swatched them on my lips & the back of my hand.  Pretty exciting! I should point out I was being silly there…these things don’t always translate!  Anyway today’s post is all about my mac lipsticks, I had to say I do honestly love them all.  They’re mostly day time appropriate with a few brighter ones thrown in.

Let’s start lightest to darkest.  First up is Feed the Senses.  This is a lustre finish, taupe lipstick.  It’s quite hydrating on the lips and it has great colour pay off.  I don’t tend to wear this much on it’s own, often I pop it over a brighter colour to mute the colour a tad.  It is definitely a good nude to have handy though.
Feed The Senses
Now for my oldest mac lipstick, Fanfare which is a cremesheen finish.  This is a peachy coloured lipstick, almost a coral.  It’s lovely when I’ve a bit of colour, it’s definitely more of a summer shade for me mostly.  Again comfortable on the lips to wear, with great pigmentation.  Also please note, I didn’t notice the fluff stuck to my lip until I edited the photos…win.
Now for Hot Gossip, one of the most recent additions to my collection.  Another cremesheen finish and another pinky nude for me.  This is quite similar to my natural lip colour – a tad lighter maybe.  Lovely to wear but it doesn’t last as long as Fanfare for whatever reason!
Hot Gossip
A lipstick everyone knows, Plumful, it’s a lustre finish too.  This is a lovely berry toned lipstick, again, this is similar to my lip colour, so it’s really easy to wear and I can understand the hype.
Now for something more vibrant!  Pink Nouveau is a satin finish, it is almost a barbie pink, but more cool toned.  Brilliant pigmentation on this one too, I would recommend a lip pencil though, as with any bright colour, you don’t want to end up with it all over your face!
Pink Nouveau
 Another coral lipstick, although much brighter and more pink than Fanfare, Impassioned.  This is an amplified finish and the lipstick almost looks neon!  This is a beautiful lipstick, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option you can check out Maybelline’s Shocking Coral from the color sensational line is very similar.  I have both and wear both anyway!
My final lipstick is the beautiful matte All Fired Up.  I think this is a very deep pink with red leanings.  It’s definitely blue toned, so great for making the teeth look whiter.  This does drag a bit on my lips but that does mean it lasts for ages and even stains my lips quite a bit.  No lip liner needed but maybe a lipbrush…I’d kinda given up at this point!
All Fired Up
You can have a look at the daylight hand swatches if you want to do a compare between lips and hands.

 I am a massive fan of mac lipsticks, the colour pay off is good, the wear time is pretty good for most of them, they apply smoothly.  They have a high-end feel while still being more mid-range.  They retail for £15.50 and although I’m sure there are dupes for most of them, I still love my mac lipsticks.  I have no doubt I will gather more, but I prefer to have them as a treat for now!

If you’ve any questions please shout.  You can check out the video below to see live action shots of the lip swatches if you fancy!
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