Tuesday Chats, Dealing with Redundancy

For some reason this has taken me a few attempts to write.  I guess it can be quite a personal topic but I think it’s a valuable one to discuss.

I got made redundant at the start of November 2014, not the best timing but there is never a good time to get fired I suppose!  I very much loved the company I worked for and the people I worked with, so this was utterly devastating.  I knew it was nothing personal in any way, but that didn’t help matters.


Initially they gave us a few days off to deal with the shock of it all, I was grateful for this as it took a few days to actually wrap my head around everything.  Some tears were shed and panic started to set in.  I was fortunate with my redundancy packet and knew I would have enough money to get me through two months without work, but that’s it.  Software testing jobs in Brighton are few and far between, at least testing jobs that I was interested in.  I did manage to find one and start in December, which I’m thankful for, but I think I would’ve done things a little differently if I had my time again!


Stuff I Did Right


I grieved for the loss of my job and colleagues.  Seriously I had a wee mini meltdown.  It took weeks for it all to sink in properly and although I’d switched to part time for a few weeks, it just became too much to deal with everyday so I went on gardening leave.


I decided to do something fun for me and took a Makeup Artist course, which I loved.  I intend to build on this.


I also considered changing careers, either a Pilates instructor or a Makeup Artist.  I then realised I like these as hobbies and I wouldn’t want the responsibility of making my living from them to ruin it all.  I used them to decompress from work, I still needed that, so it wasn’t right for me at this point.


Cancelled our honeymoon to the Maldives.  This was another heartbreaking moment, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to pay it off in time and it was adding more pressure.  It has worked out well in the end, the money we got back has paid for a snowboarding holiday with a group of family & friends!  I’m very excited about this.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m glad I have the chance.


Stuff I’d Change


I would take a wee bit longer on the job searching front and consider a few more options.  I’m lucky that the new people that I’m working with are lovely, that doesn’t always happen!


I would have taken longer off, just to allow myself time to work really hard on my blog and youtube to see if I could possibly make a living off it in future.  I’m kicking myself a bit with this one.


I’d use more of my redundancy to pay of more debt.  I did pay off some but if I’d cleared off more I would be in a better position now, I did some shopping instead and held on to some as “incase” money.  I’m back on the debt clearing mode, it became so clear that if I had bothered to clear off my debts quicker, I might have been able to cut my losses and just go travelling for a bit with my redundancy.  I’m kicking myself most over this one.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing!


To Consider


This may be a great opportunity to switch to a different career.  Consider your options, are you happy in your current role or were you already thinking of different roles?   Maybe an entirely different industry?


Maybe take a job with less responsibility to allow yourself time to catch your breath?  I considered getting a job in a cafe for a while.  I was in a highly responsible job with huge amounts of pressure at certain times.  So the thought of no responsibilities was very appealing.  If this is something you can do for a while, do it!  It might give you time to consider your options more, or to see the “bigger picture”, maybe it’s time to head off travelling or move to a different location for work?


The main point to take away is to take a breath and try not to panic too much.  Although it is always good to have a job while looking for a job, being in a job that doesn’t suit you isn’t the best thing in the world.


I hope things work out for you and that you get through it OK.  I’d like to hear your experience if you’ve been through something similar.  Have you any thoughts that could help?

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