Valentines Nails

I’m not generally the biggest fan of Valentines – well the commercial pink fluffy side, but I thought I would at least give a passing nod to it.

I’ve had these nails a while and just never got around to using them, this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity.  These are the Elegant Touch Express press on nails – Trend Empty Heart*.  I actually prefer these press on nails over the impress version.  They are a bit thinner at the base and they fit the shape of my nail a bit better and I think they look more like my actual nail.  These are a touch longer than the short version I normally get, but not unmanageable at all.  I think these are really sweet and I think I will be checking out more from the Elegant Touch line.   These retail for £8.99 and they should last about a week.  Read the instructions, there are some useful tips – like if they feel a bit loose after a shower, use a hairdryer on a low heat to warm the glue and then press them down again! Handy!  It also mentions pressing them down throughout the wear, just to help them stick a bit better.

Are you doing anything fun for valentines?  I hope you have a nice time whatever you get up to!  I will likely just have pizza and watch a good film with my husband.  At least I’ll have on fancy nails!

Thanks for reading!

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