2015 Empties #1

First empties post of 2015!  I’ve decided to do these less often and wait until I’ve enjoy products to share with you.  On that note, I do have quite a few things to share, so let’s get stuck in.

Let’s start with the random shower type products. We finished a Baylis & Harding jojoba silk & almond oil shower creme, I wasn’t over impressed with this but it did the job.  I’m getting rid of a half used Mitchum stick anti perspirant, I didn’t enjoy this and I often ended up with white marks – too impatient for that!  I finally used up my Quintessentially English Bottled Sunshine bath salts.  I used these in my recent Pamper Session post.  I did enjoy these and would consider checking out more from the range.    I used a sample of the L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo & conditioner, wasn’t overly fussed and doubt I’d buy a full size.  An empty packet of Sainsbury’s cotton wool pads, these were fine but I prefer the boots version.    From Janjira I have a hand wash, we actually used this in the flat, it was a wee bit odd but again it did the job.  I don’t think I’d purchase this again, I got this as part of the BBBlogger Dream Box


I’m sadly out of The Body Shop Camomile eye & lip makeup remover, I’ve already repurchased this and you can check out the post for proper review.  Something else I’ve repurchased is the Vichy Night Detox, love this stuff and my skin missed it when I ran out.  I’m getting rid of the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix eye primer, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this and I’ve other primers I’d rather use up.   I’ve used up yet another perfume sample of Chanel Chance, love this perfume and I will one day repurchase a full size…once I’ve used up the rest of my samples.   I have another sample, the Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm eye gel.  I didn’t notice any massive difference with this so I won’t purchase a full size.

I have used up a second Mac Brush Cleanser.  Great for spot cleaning, to help deep clean foundation brushes, just generally a great brush cleanser.  I will undoubtedly repurchase.  I have a sample of the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew moisturiser, this was a pretty small sample so I’ve no strong opinions on this, I’m pretty happy with my morning and evening skin care routine for now.  Speaking of which I have the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator brightening toner, I used this in the evenings and I do have a back up of this.  I got the Dr Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer body moisturiser as a free gift with purchase.  This was quite a rich cream and did take a while to sink in.  I’m not sure I’d purchase this, I prefer the body butters from Sanctuary.

Lastly a few more makeup bits.   I’m getting rid of the bareMinerals Ready foundation in R110.  This just doesn’t work as well on me any more, I did enjoy this initially but I’ve fallen out of love with it and I think it might be past it’s best.  I’ve used up yet another of the Smashbox Original Primer, as you may have guessed I really enjoy this product.  I may repurchase again in the future but for now I’m enjoying my Sleek Control Shine & Prime.  Finally I’ve the left over nails from Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant manicure in Empty Heart.  I really enjoy these and I think I prefer them over the imPress nails.  You can have a look at these on my nails in this post.

That’s it!  Bit of a long post there.  If you’ve any questions please shout.
Thanks for reading!

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