March Favourites!

Time for my March Favourites already.  As most of you know it’s been a bit of an unsettled month for me, so I’ve only a handful of products to share.  A mix of new and some older rediscovered gems.

Let’s start with a new addition!  The Max Factor False Lash Effect* waterproof mascara.  I got this specifically for our snowboarding trip and I’m really pleased I did.  It holds the curl really well, it is definitely waterproof – I get snow to the face but no mascara smudging!  Win!  Obviously it is a pain to get off…that whole waterproof thing.  I was kicking myself that I had forgotten my Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lips Make Up Remover* from The Body shop.  Seriously, this stuff rocks at removing waterproof makeup, I just leave it soaking on my eyelids for at least a count of 20, then swipe away.  I was stuck with a micellar solution on holidays, it was not fun.  A sort of newly discovered lip products is the Revlon Matte Balm Stain in Standout.  I’ve had this for a while, I got it as part of my swap with Rebecca Lately and only used it a few times.  This month however, I’ve been reaching for it quite a bit, it’s a stunning colour and great to make a simple makeup look, look more polished.


I picked up some Skin Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets* from boots.   These are dirt cheap and I think they do a great job at taking away any shine and they seem to add a touch of powder to my skin too.  I’ve had no irritation with these either!  I keep a book of these in my handbag in my bag and in my makeup drawers, so handy.  Another new addition is the Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate* from The Body Shop.  This has been brilliant while I’ve been away is cold climes.  I haven’t had any dry patches appear around my eyes – which I had expected as I tend to get dry patches around my eyes if the weather is chilly!  It’s also so refreshing to use in the mornings and sometimes if I’ve been sitting in front of a screen to long, or I’m just suffering with tired eyes.   The rollerball is so cooling and the product is just lovely.  When I’ve used this a bit more I’ll give you a fuller review.    The last beauty related product is my Calvin Klein Euphoria* perfume.  I have talked about my love of this perfume before, but I have actually wore this perfume almost every day this month.  It makes me happy.


Finally I’ve been really enjoying reading this month.  Odd one I know.  I used to read a huge amount, I adore reading in fact.  I have been a bookworm since I can remember – my mam still remembers me laughing heartily in my room while reading books. Anyway, point of this.  I’ve actually had time to read this month while on holidays.  I just remembered how much I love it.  So I’m in the process of making some changes to my schedule so I can fit in more reading time, plus time to do some other fun things with husband.  So I may be reshuffling my schedule in the coming weeks, but I will update you once I’ve made some decisions.  It just made me happy to remember that there is life outside of blogger & youtube land.  Life is for the living after all!  If you’re wondering about the book, it’s Neil Gaiman Trigger Warning Short Fictions and Disturbances, it’s a great book.  I’m bias, he’s one of my favourite authors!
So that’s it!  Thanks for reading, shout if you’ve any questions!

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