MUA Budget Friendly Colour Corrector

I have a short review of the Make Up Academy Pro Base Prime & Conceal* colour correcting palette.  I’ve been using this for a few weeks and I thought it about time I shared my thoughts with you!

All the shades in this palette are quite creamy and have decent pigmentation.  I use either the yellow or darker salmon colour under my eyes and the use the more flesh toned colour over the top just to brighten the area again.  I use the green to help with any redness, so around my nose or on any blemishes.  I haven’t used the purple shade as much – this is used more for any yellow shading, so I could use it on my pigmentation for example.


You can see from the swatches that it has pretty good pigmentation.  Normally I initially apply these with a flat eyeshadow brush or smaller concealer brush, then I use my fingers to warm them up and blend them out and this gets rid of any slip from product too.  I can then apply my foundation over the top and I don’t worry about any of the colours showing through or it being patchy.   You can check out the video below for a closer look at how I apply the correctors.
They definitely do correct any discolouration and even things out nicely.  I have to use a setting powder over the top once I’ve finished my foundation, particularly in the areas that I’ve done any colour correcting.  Once set, I don’t notice any big decrease in the wear time of my foundation, a wee bit but nothing massive.  I would say not to apply too much under your eyes, I tend to go with two thinner layers rather than one thick one.  If you use too much, you will have more creasing under your eye.   I do prefer this palette over the Max Factor Colour Corrector Sticks, which I did a review on last year.  These correct better and blend out much nicer.
The packaging is relatively plain but it’s quite sturdy and thankfully not too bulky.  I would definitely recommend checking this palette out, it’s a bit of a bargain at £4!  If you’ve any questions please let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading!

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