Brow Gel Comparison


So you may, (hopefully), have noticed I’ve been making more of an effort with my brows…one day I will have the most fabulous brows.  For now though, I’ve been playing with a few different brow gels.  Time for a bit of a comparison!

 I wear all of these by themselves or in addition to other brow products, depending on my overall look.  Let’s start with the Benefit Gimme Brow* (unfinished makeup ignore under eye creasing).  It’s quite natural on my brows, adding only a small amount of definition. Once I’ve brushed them into shape, I always tend to comb them through with a spoolie to make sure I’ve no clumpy bits.  This retails for £18.50 for only 3g of product, which is a bit steep in my opinion.  It’s good in that it adds a bit of thickness to my brows and it does hold my brows in place, but there are cheaper alternatives.  There are two shades available and I’ve used the light shade below – it was before I dyed my hair.


Next up is the Rimmel Brow This Way*, which costs £3.99 for 5ml.  So you are getting more for your money and it comes in 3 colours & a clear gel.  I have the dark brown shade, it’s a warm toned brown.  I do mostly like this, sometimes it can deposit a few clumps, but they are easy to comb through.  The larger brush does mean I’m more likely to go a bit over the top and it ends up outside of my brows – thankfully it’s easy to clean up.  Generally though I do enjoy this, it’s just not my favourite.


The last gel is the L’Oreal Artist Brow Plumper.  This is my favourite!  It retails at £5.99 for 7ml and there are 2 colours and one clear gel available.  This has a small wand, similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, which does make it easier to apply.  I also prefer the colour of this gel, I think it’s a closer match to my hair colour.  It does add a bit of thickness to my brows but I generally use this over the Benefit Archery Brow Tint* to set things in place and also add a bit more “depth” to my brows.


So that’s it!  If you’ve any questions please let me know down below.  If you have any other brow products you think I should try out, let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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