Clarins Instant Light Vs No7 BB Lips, dupe?

Bit of a review and comparison of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector* in the shade 01 and the No7 BB Lips in the shade Blink Pink.   I’ve had the BB Lips for quite a few months but I’ve only recently acquired the Clarin Instant Light and I think I may have an accidental dupe!

 So let’s start with the Clarins, this is £18 for 12ml.  I’m very much in love with this product, I’ve been reaching for lip balms quite a bit since returning from our snowboarding trip – just to help my lips recover and this has lived in my handbag.  I like the soft foam applicator and how it applies the product, it’s nice and even and spreads the product really well.

It’s a nice soft pink colour, but as you can see there’s minimal payoff, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’s a really creamy, balmy product and it lasts a few hours on my lips before I need to reapply.  This is a lovely product for minimal makeup days and also great for just topping up throughout the day – even when I start the day wearing a different lipstick!

The No7 BB Lips is £9 for 11ml, so pretty much half the price of Clarins for almost the same amount.  The BB Lips does have SPF 15, which is a great win.  This doesn’t have the nice soft applicator and the tip does get a wee bit grubby with excess product, but it’s easy to wipe off.  The colour is actually slightly more peachy compared to the Clarins 01, but again there is very little colour payoff with this product.

This is also lovely and creamy and lovely to apply, it’s very much the same consistency of the Clarins Lip Perfector.  It only lasts a few hours too, maybe only slightly less than the Clarins.  Again, this lives in my handbag, often at the same time as the Clarins, it’s also great to top up during the day.

To be honest I think these are pretty much the same product, so if you’re feeling spendy you can treat yourself to the Clarins Instant Light, however if you’re on more of a budget check out the No7 BB Lips.  They both have a similar shade range with the No7 line having seven shades and the Clarins having six.  I’ve been loving both but I think I will likely check out more of the No7 BB Lips in future – I can get two for the price of one from Clarins!  I’ve no doubt I will wear both of these a lot in the upcoming months, they’re both perfect for minimal spring and summer makeup looks.

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