Favourite Eye Brushes


So time for the part two of my favourite makeup brushes!  This time it’s all about eyes and again we’ll work from left to right.  You can check out my Favourite Face Brushes to find out more about them.  Now let’s get started, there’s a few to get through!

To pack on shadow I’ve a few different brushes.  The first is a flat shader brush from ecotools – I got this as part of a set*. The ecotools brushes are synthetic which means they work well on cream products and they also work well for powder. I’m a fan of flat brushes for getting the initial colour onto the lid.  The second ecotools brush is a great all rounder, applying the colour and blending it out.  Sadly they don’t make this brush anymore, if I ever find a dupe I’ll let the world know!  Another brush great for packing on colour is the Real Techniques Shading Brush*, if you want some seriously intensity with your eyeshadow, this brush is your friend – although it can be a pain to rinse after washing.  If you’re looking for more of a wash of colour this C135 oval shadow brush from Crown Brush is a great one.  It’s made from sable, so it’s lovely for powder products.


For liner I have a few options.  The first is the S.i.l.k. Synthetic Smudger from Royal & Langnickel.  Excellent pencil brush, just the right size.  I use this to apply eyeshadow in my outer V and to smudge out any shadow.  The next is the Si.l.k. Mini Flat Smudger, I love using this to smudge out eyeliner pencils, gel liner or shadow.  It’s just the right size for smudging out my lower lashline too.  For lining my lashline I really enjoy using the bdellium tools 714, which is synthetic.  This is great for a nice sharp line and getting in tight at the roots of my lashes, it has a lovely narrow tip.  I’m also a fan of small angled brushes, this synthetic 762 from bdellium tools is wonderful.  I’ve actually now designated this as my eyebrow brush, however this size of brush is perfect for doing any kind of winged look – the smaller the brush the easier it is for me.  I tend to make less mistakes and any mistakes I do make are pretty small!


Now on to the fluffy brushes.  My favourite blended brushes are the Crown Brush SS027 Syntho Deluxe Blending Crease brushes – I have two.  They are brilliant for blending everything, seriously. Love.  Another crease brush that I’m fond of and tend to keep for lighter colours…yes I know, odd…it’s the C441 Natural Goat hair Pro Blending Crease brush.  I do prefer the SS027, but this is a great blending brush.   I have two blending brushes from the Make Up For You brush set.  The first is an angled fluffy brush, I tend to use this to apply eyeshadow to create an outer V and then blend it into my crease and the other shadows on my lid.  The flat top brush beside it is brilliant for applying eyeshadow to the outer third of my lid and softening into any other colours on my lid.  The only thing with these two brushes is that they shed a small amount.  The final fluffy brush is the base shadow brush from the Real Techniques Starter Set*.  I like the tapered shape of this brush, it’s another good all rounder, great for a wash of colour on the lid, good for applying the crease colour and great for blending out.


The final items are just very handy to have.  The bdellium tools 733 Lash, which is a great spooly to comb through your brows before and after applying any brow products, it cleans well and has lasted really well.  I prefer this over any spooly you get on the end of a pencil etc.  The last item is the Metal Lash Definer from Crown Brush.  I use this every time I apply mascara, it’s excellent for separating my lashes and getting rid of any clumps.  The comb teeth are nicely spaced – not leaving too much space between – I have quite a few lashes and they need densely packed teeth to be of any use.  I much prefer this over any plastic version I’ve tried in the past.


All these brushes wash well, keep their shape and don’t shed – unless I’ve said otherwise (I know I’ve mentioned a few).  So that’s it!  Again, well done for making it to the end of this post.  You can check out the video below if you’d like a closer look at anything.


Thanks for reading!

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