My Favourite Face Brushes

I was going to do a face and eye brush post…then while editing the video footage I realised that it was far too long!  So let’s start with face shall we!  I’ll work my way from left to right.

For applying my cream and liquid foundations I absolutely love my Real Techniques Expert Face brush*.  This is great in those days that I want a fuller coverage, we all have them!  This buffs the foundation in really nicely, without leaving any streaks.  This is a synthetic brush which makes it perfect for working with cream & liquid products.  It does also mean unfortunately, that it ends up stained after repeated use.  I have washed this brush at least once a week since I’ve owned it and it is now stained.  It can be a wee bit tough to clean, to wash it I use mac brush cleanser to remove the bulk of of the foundation, then I’d go in with some baby shampoo to give it a deeper clean.  It generally rinses very well, but I’d often wash it a few times to get it as clean as possible.  I’ve never had any shedding issues with this brush.   If I want a more sheer coverage from a “full coverage” foundation, I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge*.  I’ve never tested out the original beauty blender, so I can’t do a comparison, but I love this beauty sponge.  It leaves a lovely natural finish to the skin, applying the foundation beautifully and I have often used it after applying foundation with a brush and it’s not as streak free as I would like!  This get’s rid of any patchy issues, it’s also great if your face ends up looking powdery, simply dab this sponge over the top and it will take away the powdery look of your makeup.  I tend to wash this more often than my makeup brushes and I tend to worry more about this harbouring germs and I don’t want to ruin my skin for lack of cleaning my makeup sponge!

For concealer I have a few brushes I tend to use on a regular basis – especially if I’m having to cover any blemishes, I don’t like reusing them too often and spreading any of that dirt, I know I should wash these brushes more often, instead I just alternate. These again are all Real Techniques brushes and came in a set*.  None of them are meant to be concealer brushes but that doesn’t mean they’re not perfect for it!  The first is the Deluxe Crease brush.  This is perfect for applying my under eye concealer, I tend to use this to place it and then go in with my finger afterwards to blend it in fully.  It’s also great for covering bigger spots.  I will use this to place the concealer on the spot, leave it for a few minutes while I do other parts of my makeup and then go back to blend it in and soften the edges.  The next is the Detailer brush, this is great for those tiny spots that don’t require too much concealer.  I use it in a similar fashion, place the concealer, leave it a minute and then blend the edges.  Lastly is the Pixel Point Liner brush, I use this in exactly the same way again.  I like these smaller brushes for those tiny blemishes as you can’t apply too much product and you end up highlighting the spot!  Also, generally speaking I don’t like applying too much product on a spot, it just clogs it up a bit more and can often make the spot worse, for me anyway.  All of these brushes wash really well and don’t shed at all.

For contouring I have the Crown Brush C405 Angle Contour Blush brush.  This is a natural bristle brush made from goat hair.  This washes really nicely and keeps its shape very well.  I use this to apply powder contour.  I utterly love this brush for contour – I never really got the hang of contouring until I used this brush.  It applies the product so nicely and blends it out lovely, no streak of contour here!  It fits so nicely into the hallows of my cheeks, it’s also not scratchy and generally just a nice brush to use.   For blush I have two brushes.  For powder blushes I reach for my Crown Brush IB126 Chisel Powder/Blush brush almost every time.  Again it is a natural bristle brush – natural bristles are better for using with powder products.  This seems to pick up the perfect amount – although it’s probably down to how often I use it, I know how best to use it for me, but it applies powder blush so very nicely and blends it out really well.  The shape of it is great too and it has kept it shape after being washed repeatedly for about 3 or 4 years!  I do have the odd wee bit of shedding, but it’s very minimal, it’s the odd hair once in a blue moon.  For cream blush I tend to use the elf small stipple brush (sadly no longer available in the uk unless you pay a small fortune – worth checking ebay in case).  This does a great job of applying the product and also blending it out.  It washes quite well and it is only now starting to stain…4 years later! It’s a synthetic brush and doesn’t shed. If you can find it, buy it.   For highlight I love the contour brush from Real Techniques Core Collection*.  It’s just the right size to place the highlight along the tops of my cheeks.  I tend to pat it on and gradually blend it in.

For setting my face I tend to use the No7 Powder Puff* in a pressing motion, I’m a tad in love with doing this!  Again, I just use baby shampoo to clean this and it comes up lovely.  To sweep away any excess I use this large fan brush from Make Up For You.  This is a lovely soft synthetic brush.  There is a small amount of shedding with the Make Up For You brushes, but they clean well and keep their shape.    The final brush I use is the Bdellium Tools 980 Natural Large Powder brush.  I use this with my Ambient Lighting powder from Hourglass.  I utterly love this brush, it is incredibly soft and it’s wonderful to sweep over your face to apply just the right amount of luminous powder.  It washed well, no shedding in the years I’ve owned it and it has remained incredibly soft.  Love it!

Sorry this is a long one, but I wanted to include all my favourite face brushes in one post!

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