Parcels in the Post!

Parcels In The Post

I got home to find a few parcels waiting for me, I was rather excited but I manage to wait before ripping everything open – just so I could take pictures….yep…  I was rather impressed by the brightly coloured bubble envelopes to start with!

The first parcel is from Pairie Charms.  I was contacted by Pairie charms about 4 weeks ago, they have recently relaunched and offered me a 25% discount.  The 25% from each order was then sent to the Make a Wish Foundation.  Pairie Charms do a range of accessories, from jewellery to hair accessories and home accessories and even packaging accessories.  So they’ve got you covered.  I paid for almost all of these items myself, Pairie Charms sent two additional items as a gift to say thank you for participating in the relaunch – which I was delighted about!


The items that caught my eye I selected the Chloe Tassel Pendent with Silver chain; Gracie Floral Updo Wrap in the olive green; Olivia Washi tape and Lacy Gold Paper Straws.  They were kind enough to include the Carrie Rope Statement Necklace and a pair of lovely hair ties.  I’m absolutely delighted with my parcel, expect all of these to feature in future posts!

Hair Treatment Close Ups

My second package is from Roots & Rituals.   I discovered Roots & Rituals at the Bloggers London Fashion Week Event, sadly they were very busy on the night and ran out of samples.  I left my contact details and they kindly sent me two full size products to test out.  I’ve mentioned before that my poor scalp is quite dry and flaky and I’m hoping these will help rescue my scalp!  I have the Deep Conditioning Hair Oil and a Conditioner.  Really excited to try these out this weekend, the ingredients list for both sound wonderful.  Again expect a post soon!

So those are all my wonderful goodies.  It definitely made my day coming home to find these waiting for me!

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