Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures tag girl smiling
Laura From LozzyLovesLippy tagged me to do this and I fancied doing something fun over the bank holiday weekend.

The questions!
1: TV Show you love, but should not confess to..   MURDER SHE WROTE, one of my all time favourite shows, I think I’ve watched a huge amount of them, thank god for reruns!
2: Food – you eat what?!   I love noodles, chicken ramen noodles, not exactly the healthiest option but I do sometimes add stir-fry veg…
3: Music I love and others just cringe at  – I love old musicals, so I tend to listen to musical radio shows, which can drive my husband a bit nutty.
4: My guilty online habit  – I will the odd time flick through the Daily Mail online, generally just to laugh hysterically at it, some of the ridiculous stories just make me laugh.
5: I love to wear…but I shouldn’t!   I’ve stolen Simon’s superman jumper and have claimed ownership, I think he got to wear it for a few weeks before I took it.  My favourite jumper to lounge about the flat in.
6: Movie you should not love SO much but you do? Strictly Ballroom. It is possibly one of the most cheesy films, so much drama, dancing, music, what more could a girl want!
7: Funny habit people comment on – I don’t really have any odd habits…sad but true.  Maybe they just don’t say it to my face?!
8: Makeup look that you love but is just sooo wrong   – I agree with all the people that have said there are no rules!  Dramatic eyes & lips.  Wear what you like!
So those are all the questions, if you fancy doing this please let me know!  What are your cringe worthy guilty pleasures?  Share with the rest of us 🙂  Thanks for reading!

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