#LipGlam Lip Balm

lipglam lip balm

As you can see this is little tube of balm has quite a few uses, or at least those are the claims made my #LipGlam.  I was gifted this at the Bloggers London Fashion Week event and I’ve been testing it out since.

You get 12ml for £9.99 from the LipGlam website.  This is a 100% natural lanolin balm, it’s also free from parabens, colorants and additives.  You do have to warm this up before using it, which can be a bit annoying but it doesn’t take long.  One thing to note, the sealed end of the tube did spring a tiny leak.  I was obviously too vigorous when squishing the tube to warm it up.  It is quite a thick balm and it takes a while for it to sink in.  It definitely does last on my lips for quite a few hours, I’m not sure if it lasts the full 8hrs.

squeezed lipglam tube with some product

 So a quick rundown of the claims made and what I think!

Lanolin Lip Balm – Definitely a very good lip balm.  I tend to use this at night and it leaves my lips feeling soft and nourished in the morning.  It has been gradually improving the state of my chapped lips!

Cuticle Ointment – I did like this on my cuticles and again it helped with the chapped skin around my nails and softened it all up nicely.  It was a bit oily, but that’s to be expected when using this type of product.  Again it was something I tend to use at night.

Split End Soother – I wasn’t keen on using the balm on my split ends.  I felt I had to use it more as a treatment for my ends and then wash it off.  I have lighter hair oils that I prefer.

Lip and Mascara Primer – Lip primer yes, mascara primer no.  As long as you put this on before starting your makeup this acts as a great balm to soften your lips, which means your lip colour product will apply better.  Although I’m not sure if it makes my lip colour last any longer really.  As for the mascara primer, well the mascara just slid right off.  Maybe I was doing it wrong, but not a fan of this and it just left my eyes a bit oily, not ideal.

Eyebrow Balm – I didn’t actually use it on my eyebrows.  I would say that it would likely help tame brows, but again I would worry that it just leaves the area oily and greasy.

Soothes Chafing and Rashes – I didn’t get the chance to really test this out.

Dry Skin Relief – I do think it worked pretty well on some dry skin that I had and it did help a bit with some eczema I had left on a finger.  It was OK but I have other products that work better for me.

All in all I do enjoy this product and I will definitely finish it all up.

Thanks for reading!

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