L’Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Review

L'Oreal Infallible

Now I’ve been trying out this foundation for a few weeks and I have a good idea of the pros & cons, so I thought it was about time I shared them with you!  I have mainly normal skin on my cheeks and most of my forehead,  I have the oily T-Zone with the odd patch of dryness.  So thoroughly combination, with some sensitivity too.

This retails for £6.99* for 35ml, which isn’t a bad price at all.  There are 6 shades available and I was delighted to find a shade that was a very close colour match to my skin.  So the Blurb:

“Introducing New Infallible 24HR Matte Foundation by L’Oreal Paris. A matte result that lasts up to 24 hours. Clinically proven; waterproof, steamproof. All the comfort, none of the shine. Perfect coverage. No Cakey effect. Easy to apply, enriched with perlite technology, and reduces the appearance of shine up to 24 hours.”

Sadly I don’t really agree with most of their claims.  So let’s start with some before and after shots so you can get a closer look.


As you can see my skin tone is quite uneven at the minute, I have some texture going on, the odd red spot, just generally unsettled.  I have already applied my Sleek control shine & prime, just to even out the texture slightly & help minimise my pores.


I have applied the right hand side of my face using a buffing brush (left when looking at it) and the left side with a beauty sponge (right when looking at it).  I find it easiest to apply with a damp beauty sponge, it just requires more work with a buffing brush to get an even coverage – if I do use a brush, I will use a sponge afterwards.  I also find this foundation settles into my pores and fine lines, not good!  I do set this with powder, but I find the foundation has moved around by lunchtime and I have to pat it all back into place – particularly around my nose and under my eyes.

As for coverage, I would say this is medium at the very most.  I have added a second layer around my mouth and on the blemishes, but as you can see they’re still visible.  So sadly not high coverage.  It also doesn’t deal with texture particularly well, it clings to dry patches and any unevenness.  I wasn’t impressed with it on that front – not a foundation for you if you have super dry skin.

It does give a mostly matte finish to the skin and it did stay matte on any of the areas that the foundation lasted past lunch.  I have tried applying this with my fingers, but prefer the sponge.  I’ve also tried it with the Maybelline Pore Eraser primer and I’ve tried it without a primer, sadly with not much luck .

All in all I’m a bit disappointed with this foundation, I’ve heard so many rave reviews! Clearly they have better skin than me!  If you use this foundation and you’ve had great results please let me know in the comments – I’d love to know which primer you use it with and setting powder etc, anything that will make it work!

If you’d like to see this foundation applied, please check out the video below.

Thanks for reading!

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