May Favourites

May Beauty Favourites

I’ve a handful of favourites this month, all of them new additions this month.  The first favourite is a non-beauty favourite, something I don’t normally include these but I’m utterly in love with my phone case*.  I love the pattern and the wonderful colours, it sits on my desk at work and just brightens my day.  Now back to the beauty favourites.

I have two hair favourites this month from Roots & Rituals, the Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Hair Oil.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these. I tend to use the hair oil once a fortnight, making sure it really massage it into my scalp.  I have left it on overnight (with the help of a shower cap), it just leaves my hair so soft and eases the itchy scalp.  I use the conditioner as a hair mask once a week.  Using both of these together is fantastic, my hair is so soft afterwards that I tend to spend most of the day stroking my hair.

Now for the makeup favourites.  I have been using the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer* for a few weeks now and I’m a fan.  I helps a bit with the blue veins on my lids and leaves a nice even base for any shadows.  Expect a review soon.  From No7 I have the Midnight Lash mascara*, I got this as a random gift from boots which was rather delightful!  It has been my go-to mascara this month, it has a slightly odd shaped bristle wand but it does a great job of coating my lashes and I can easily get to the baby lashes near my tear duct.  The final favourite of the month is from Soap & Glory!  It’s the One Heck of A Blot* pressed face powder.  This is a lovely finely milled powder which doesn’t leave my face looking cakey.  It does seem to help my foundation last a bit longer, which is always great!  Again, expect a review soon.

So that’s it!  If you’ve any questions please shout, I’d love to know what your favourite products have been this month!

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