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So in case you missed it, I have had a bit of a blog redesign and new branding.  I am more than a little bit excited about this!  So let’s gets into the nitty gritty.

I decided to migrate my blog from blogspot to wordpress.  I already had my own url –, which I had hosted at DreamHost.  I decided to go self hosted, as I was already with Dreamhost I went with them for hosting my wordpress blog.  Thankfully they have a very handy plugin to help you set it all up.  It did take most of the pain out of it.  I did initially have a “development” version of my website so I could test a few things out.   I decided to purchase a theme to take the the pain out of the design, so I spent days and weeks looking through themes and settled on the Loma theme which I bought through the themeforest.  It was pretty painless and applying it was again, pretty painless.    It’s a bit more of a pain when I decided to make more changes to the blog, but once I had it all set up I was pretty happy.  There is still some tweaking going on, but for now, I’m happy!

I used a plugin to migrate my content from blogspot to wordpress but did encounter some issues.  I’ve lost quite a few comments and some links.  There were some weird formatting issues – which required individual post editing.  To set up the menus I had to manually add the posts to them – I was able to do this in bulk once I had set the menus up.  It was more time consuming than anything else.  I’ve also had some issues getting my blog moved and updated on bloglovin – my images are still not displaying for new posts.  I will be chasing this up!  I’ve also had a to use a number of plugins to allow my content get published on multiple platforms.  For example Jetpack and WP to Twitter, both of these cover my needs.

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So now for the branding and colour themes!  I again had professional help here, I didn’t want to have just a plain white blog.  I have followed Ashleigh’s Perfectly Papercuts instagram for quite some time and then I realised that she actually did blog designs, banners, icons you get the idea, basically all the good digital design stuff!  You can find her facebook page here or her newly set up etsy shop here for more images and details.  We did have to do a few cycles of tweaking, sadly my initial ideas didn’t translate well onto the blog, so by reversing the design and changing up the colours we ended up with the blog branding you see now!!  I also have a favicon!  This is exciting for me.  I now have a matching YouTube header and Twitter background and header.  It now all matches!  It even matches my business cards, which was kinda my initial plan.

 So round up.  I’m happy I moved, even with all the issues and the need for extra plugins to do the same stuff that blogspot does as standard.  I can now add all the tags I want, I can edit the post url if I want, I can add in better quality images and they are mine, I have more security with my blog – I own it,  I also prefer the interface.  I love my new shiny beautiful blog.  What do you think?  Thank you for sticking with me through all the changes and my lack of posting while I sorted this all out.  I know there are a few more issues to sort, but I am gradually getting there!  If you’ve any questions or you would like a more detailed post on the plugins I use and how I navigate through wordpress please shout!  Now to get back to the business of taking over the world!

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