All In One InstaBlur Review!

The Body Shop All In One InstaBlur Primer

Now I’m aware I’m a bit late to the party only now testing out the All In One InstaBlur*, but to be honest when this was being pushed lots by all the various bloggers we know and love, I just ran the other way.  I may have trust issues.  Anyway, we’re approaching warmer months and I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for ways to help my makeup last longer.  So while mooching in The Body Shop I tested some of this out on the back of my hand and decided to give it a whirl.

This is quite thick in consistency, it reminded me of an almost creamy silicone primer.  It has the look of a silicone primer, without the shine but it smoothes on the skin like a thick cream (I mean really thick).  You might be able to understand what I mean from the image below.  I’ve found, due to the consistency, that this is best smoothed onto the face in strokes rather than circular motions as it often pilled on my skin.  I also thoroughly recommend making sure your skin is very hydrated as it can highlight drier areas when you apply foundation over the top.  I generally only apply this on my oily areas.

Instablur primer swatch

I also found I had issues applying foundation over the top, again buffing is not your friend.  I tend to press and my foundation on over the top and I will never again use my Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation over the top of this – or at least not applied with a damp beauty sponge!  You may have to play with different ways of applying your foundation over the top.  The one thing I can say is that it’s worth investigating.  I have definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of my pores, even towards the end of my working day my pores are not particularly visible!  This is something I really struggle with.

Another claim made is that it helps your makeup last longer.  I definitely agree with this.  Even after I’ve worn my wrap around sunglasses my foundation was almost intact!  Which doesn’t happen often with those sunglasses.  I also agree that it controls shine for up to 12hours, I wear my makeup for about 10-12hours and I’ve noticed an improvement in the amount of shine by end of day.  So a great one for us oily folk!  This does not irritate my skin or cause any break outs, another win.

The claims I don’t agree with are – Blemish Hiding and Complexion Unifying (which I assume means evening out skin tone).  My blemishes are still just as obvious when I use this primer and it doesn’t even out my skin tone.

So although there are some very odd quirks with this primer and it does require some adjusting in application, I actually really enjoy this product!  I was just as surprised.  I actually think I prefer this over the Sleek Control Shine & Prime!  I would recommend checking this out, just be aware that you need to have a play to make it work right for you.  I’ve show how I apply it and my foundation in the video below.  If you’ve any questions please shout!  Have you tried this?  Which foundations do you prefer to use with it?  Would love to know!

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