Calling in the Big Guns

Multiple Facemasks


My skin has been rather unhappy recently, I’ve been testing out a few products so it’s all self inflicted. I decided at the weekend to give my skin a thorough MOT.

I don’t often use a face scrub but my skin felt so congested and dull, that it needed something more.  So I used the Clarins Gentle Refiner*, this is quite creamy with microbeads that sloughs off all the dead skin.  I left my face dry and used damp hands to massage this in.  Once I’d rinsed and dried my face I applied Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask*.  This is a brilliant deep cleansing mask, this comes out when my skin is really playing up.  It cleans everything out, while also calming it down.  It really settles my skin.  I let this really dry and leave it a wee bit longer than recommended, then using two facial sponges I remove this.  It leaves my skin very soft.  As my skin was looking a bit dull I decided to follow up with the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask*.  This is a great brightening mask, I definitely notice an added glow to my skin after using it.  I generally use it as a second mask, just for the extra kick.  I finished up with the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask*, just to rehydrate my skin and soothe everything.  Once I’d left it for about 20minutes I massaged in anything that was left, then I used cotton pads to remove any excess.

The next day my skin was incredibly soft and a few of the blemishes had already started to heal.  I tend to do this once a month, generally I try to do a single face mask a week, but I don’t always get around to it.  Hence needing to do this routine once a month!

What are your favourite face masks?  What products do you reach for when you’re skin is very unhappy?  Sadly these masks are running out so I need a few replacements, so I’m open to suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Calling in the Big Guns

    1. Do you know I’d forgotten about the Effaclar Duo! Need to bust that back out I reckon. Thanks for the reminder!! Yep, much less of a mess and I seem to get a better scrub when it’s dry too 🙂

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