High Street Hauling!

high street haul

In a bid to reduce the number of haul posts I thought I could condense them into one post a month!

skin care makeup and hair care haul

So let’s start with the one product I was sent from boots,  The No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer*  I think lots of people are getting sent these random goodies, nothing mentioned about reviews etc.  Always good to get random goodies in the post frankly!  Thanks to LovelyGirlyBits I felt the need to try out the Rimmel Oh My Gloss* in Snog.  Testing out a few hand cream from the Dove Purely Pampering* deep care range.  The Mist You Madly* from Soap & Glory was on offer & I needed a spray from my gym bag, it’s ok, it does the job.

I may have got a bit excited in The Body Shop…I’ve finally picked up the All In One InstaBlur primer* – I’ve already popped up a review.  I’ve picked up a few products from the Vitamin C range including the Daily Moisturiser SPF30*, the Skin Reviver*  and a sample of the Glow Boosting Moisturiser.  I also grabbed the Vitamin E Night Serum Oil to test out.

Hair and Skin Care

I am delighted to have my Tresemme Heat Defence styling spray*, it’s an old favourite and it’s the best one I’ve used.  I’m having issues with knotty hair ever since I dyed it…it may be a sign I’ve damaged my hair huh.  So I’m trying to help it out by using the Mark Hill No Knot Detangling Spray*.  I also may have a slight obsession with the Montagne Jeunesse face masks (which seem to have rebranded as 7th Heaven).

So that’s the whole haul!

2 thoughts on “High Street Hauling!

  1. I love those face masks, they are my favourite when I haven’t got a fresh LUSH one to hand!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. I’ve not actually had a Lush mask in absolutely ages! I must go and check them out again soon, I always end up with some left over going off because I don’t use it all up in time! They are lovely though 🙂

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