No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

I got this mascara sent to me two months ago and as it has featured regularly on my instagram I thought I should probably do a quick review!  Boots seemed to have sent out random free gifts to lots of people, with no obligation or request to talk about it.  It was just literally a freebie, which made my day!

I quite like the formula with this mascara, it is quite creamy and not overly wet – I’m not a fan over wet mascara.  It also generally applies really nicely, although it has started to dry out recently, which is a wee bit frustrating as it’s only 2 months old.  But then again I have been using it almost every day.  It has an interestingly shaped bristle wand, which is anther thing I really like.  It starts off wide at the base, then slightly slimmer, widening again and then ending with a narrow tip.  I mainly like the tip, it’s great for getting in at those baby lashes around your tear duct and I also have a few lashes that are a nightmare to coat on my outer corner.  So let’s do some before and after.  The first picture is without any mascara.

natural lashes

Below is one coat of mascara on my top lashes

one coat of no7 midnight lash mascara

The next I’ve layered up with a second coat of mascara on my top lashes.


This mascara does layer up reasonably well, I did have to make sure I combed my lashes through to get rid of any clumping.  I think there is bit more volume with the second coat, but maybe not as much as I thought!  This doesn’t weight my lashes down too much either, so I am able to retain my curl throughout the day.

Sadly this has started to drop down  quite a bit throughout the day, which is not a great thing!  This mascara retails for £13.50*.  I don’t think I would purchase it for this price, however if I had a £5 discount voucher (which let’s face it, we all have these stuff in our purse), I would buy it with the discount.  It just does not stand out enough for me to seek out rather that pick up a cheaper alternative from Rimmel or Maybelline.

So that’s it, I think it’s a “good average” and worth a look if you have a discount voucher!  Thanks for reading, if you’d like to see how it applies, I’ve done a demo in the video below.

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