Different Day Out! Monk’s House

Monk's House

You may have seen in our recent Anniversary Surprise vlog that we went for a trip around a few National Trust sites and although they were all wonderful, I fell in love with Monk’s House.  I had a wonderful visit and I’m delighted to discover it’s in Rodmell which is not too far from Brighton!  I will be visiting again.  Above is part of the glorious garden at the back of the house.  The house itself is a beautiful, little cottage, it’s actually 3 small cottages knocked together!  I realise I’ve not actually told you one of the important facts of Monk’s House, it was the country retreat for Leonard & Virginia Woolf!  I’ve only read one of Virginia Woolf’s books, but I have since purchased one of the collections of some of her short stories.  Cannot wait to dig into this this weekend!  Back to the house!

Inside the house itself you get to visit the living room, hall area, part of the kitchen and her bedroom.  Below is the living room, sadly we were late arrivals but I managed to get a quick snap as they were closing up.

Monk's House Living Room

I loved the feel of this house, it seemed to hold lots of memories.  I find that with some older houses, it’s as if they are alive with the memories of all previous inhabitants.  There was an additional bedroom added to the house for Virginia, which again I managed to get a quick picture of.  Obviously it’s important to have your own library in your bedroom.  The decor was quite simple but progressive considering when it when it was decorated!

Monk's House Bedroom

Out in the gardens, past the flower beds are two busts of Leonard and Virginia near the pond.  Further towards the back of the garden, past the boules lawn, at the end of a curving path, nestled among the trees is my favourite room of all.  The writing lodge.  It is just utterly wonderful, I desperately want one.  I currently live in a block of flats…I will have a stunningly, beautiful writing lodge all of my own one day.

Monk's House Writing Lodge

It looks out over the rest of the garden and it just seems like a wonderful, calm space.  I would see myself getting lots of work done in there.   Something to aim for.  I came away from my visit feeling truly inspired and a certain sense of calm.  I enjoyed strolling about and strolling back through Rodmell after our visit.  A very sweet hamlet, that just makes me think that it hasn’t changed much since Virginia Woolf visited.

Are you a fan of National Trust sites?  Are there any you would recommend?  Or just similar days out that you think I should do?  I would absolutely love to know!

4 thoughts on “Different Day Out! Monk’s House

  1. This looks beautiful. I never think to visit this place even though I’ve been in Brighton 15 years! Eeeps. Must arrange it as the library room looks beautiful.

    1. It is beautiful, I loved the outdoor working space – the writing shed felt wonderfully calm. Definitely worth a wee visit 🙂

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