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I went to Bloggers London Fashion week last week and I was so impressed with the event.  So I’m just going to share all the photos and you can have a look, I am warning you now, this is a photo heavy post!  I also have a video coming up at the end of the week of the Bloggers London Fashion Week and the Joe Browns Blogger event.

Miglio2 Perfume Timeless Truth Valmont Gallardo Blaine Maison Ves BohoBettyzaeem jamal blackScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.21.38 zaeem jamal black

Brands shown from the top down Miglio // Bodicea Victorious // Timeless Truth // Valmont // Gallardo Blaine (Use Blog2015 for 25% discount) // Maison Ves // Boho Betty // Zaeem Jamal

I really enjoyed my evening and met some wonderful brands that I hope to work more with in future.  I’ll show the goodies I picked up separately as this post is already picture heavy as it is!  Hopefully it didn’t take took long to load.  If you are interested in attending a future Bloggers Hangout event, you can register here!

Below are some of the wonderful products I was gifted on the night.  I’ve already worn the True Brit London nail polish in Country Tweed, you may have seen it over on my Instagram.  I was gifted products from Valmont, Timeless Truth, Il Profvmo, Little Ondine, Boho Betty, Gallardo Blaine and Miglio.

Beauty Accessories

If you like to see some more of the gifting lounge and catwalks, you can check out the video below!

2 thoughts on “Bloggers London Fashion Week

    1. It was such a fun evening! So many great brands to work with, lots of plans 🙂 Thank you Tianna! I’m slowly getting caught up on my blog reading and video watching, I have yours bookmarked at the minute. Too much work getting in the way!

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