Feeling Boxed In? Time for a Change!

Feeling Boxed In? Time for a Change

I don’t know about you but I always feel the need for a change as the seasons change.  Sometimes it can often feel as though I’m boxed in, or being boxed in!  That frustrating feeling that you want to change something, or try something new but you can’t because of this overwhelming feeling.  That we can’t change because of social norms, or other people influencing and impacting our lives.  So what can we do about it?

Pressure from Society

Sadly it is “normal” to feel social pressures.  Whether it’s the way we look, activities deemed are right for us, or the career path we should choose.  It can feel claustrophobic to say the least.  Even more so when you feel that you may not be on the right path at all!   Maybe you want to change your career but you’ve already spent the time and money investing in your “choosen” career.  Surely you’d be mad to chuck it all away.  Or you want to start wearing all the colours, or dressing in steampunk get up…surely you must be a bit odd?  Maybe you want to try out potholing or skydiving!  You must be entirely mental.  Or not.  It can be nerve wrecking to decide to go against the grain.  This can be felt on a local level, maybe the community you live in isn’t into wearing all the neon colours but you are.  How do you do it anyway?  The best advice I have is to fake the confidence and go for it anyway.  The more you do something the more confident you will becoming in doing it!  Yep it’s scary, but which would you rather?  Having tea with your friends when you’re 80 laughing about what you got up to on your adventures, or wishing you’d actually done it?

Pressure from our Friends or Family

Sadly some friends and family may not be supportive of your new ventures.  They’d rather poke holes in your theories than offer advice on how to make them work.  Maybe they just can’t see the bigger picture.  They may not realise that they are making snide remarks or tearing your dreams down.  Whatever the reason, I reckon a cup of tea and a biscuit can help.  Sit down with them and explain that they’re maybe not being as support as they could be.  That they are being mean and less than caring.  It could be that they’re unaware of the impact their behaviour is having.  Stranger things have happened.  If however, they decide that you are still being entirely ridiculous and continue to tear you down, I would recommend reducing the amount of time you spend with these people.  I know that can be difficult, but it’s worth doing just to get that negativity out of your life.  These changes are right for you and you’ll be surprised how many other people will have a similar interest!  There is a whole new group of people waiting to meet you and share in your new venture!  You never know, the actions of your change might just change your friend’s mind anyway.

Self Imposed Pressure

This is an odd one.  We could blame society or our friends, when really you’ve have just over thought something and decided that people would hate you if you followed through and made the change.  Or maybe you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to admit defeat?  It can be very damaging to our egos to admit when we’re wrong.  I should say here, it’s also incredibly freeing.  More often than not people will be there to support you!  We all have some good people in our lives that cheer us on when we want to try something new, so rather than sitting overthinking the exciting changes, share them!  Get on and do it!  Or if you’re nervous about letting people know, start by telling a few friends or family, you can trust.   As for the admitting you’re wrong, I once heard something wonderful, “You have not lived or learned until you have made yourself a hypocrite at least once”.  I’m sure I’ve done it more often than I can count!  I keep moving forward and continuing to learn.  It’s much more fun that way I reckon!

Time for that change

This has all been a bit of advice for me too.  I changed up my blog design recently and rejigged it all a bit and I thoroughly loved it, but it was short lived.  I know exactly why.  The name.  I’ve outgrown Aine Beauty.  I did try changing it to Aine Beauty, Style & Lifestyle, but that is an awful mouthful frankly!  Plus it has just not sat right.  I love the artwork on the banners and the design, sadly it’s just not me any more.  I’ve become much more colourful, or at least I’m a lot more comfortable being more colourful!  So the blog name is changing to Honestly Áine! I am so excited!!  So all my social media is going to change over too.  I’ve been putting this off for a while as I thought I would lose readers, that people would no longer support me, that I would just put people off and they wouldn’t recognise it any more.  I know this isn’t the case, you’re all too lovely for that carry on, but a girl worries.  I’m also going to add a few more exciting posts, but I could be here all day chatting about it.  I did talk a wee bit more about it in the video – it takes up less space that reams of text, so you can check it out for a bit more info, if not, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Anyway, expect change, in general, not just here.  So if you have some burning desire to change something in your life or try something new and shiny, go out and grab it now!  Go on, you’ll thank yourself 😉

2 thoughts on “Feeling Boxed In? Time for a Change!

  1. Thank you for this Aine! not sure if it is the change of seasons, but change is afoot around me too. inspiring to know you are not alone in this. looking forward to your new content! 🙂

    1. Thank you Ingrid! I’m excited too! I’ve had so many comments from people already talking of the changes they have planned. It almost feels like we’re part of a bigger movement. It’s very exciting 🙂 Good luck with your changes, I hope they make you happy!

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