Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara

I spotted the Rimmel Wonder Full Wake Me Up* mascara this in boots the other week and thought it looked interesting, plus I’d not bought a mascara in a while.   This was retailing for £7.99 so not too bad cost wise.  So first off the bat, it has nice packaging, which I think has some importance, there is nothing more annoying than a mascara that is a faff to open.   So it’s easy to open and it closes properly.  While we’re on packaging, check out the wand.  It is a bristle brush wand is the shape of a figure eight.  I thought I would be a fan of this wand, turns out I’m not really.  I love a big bristle brush wand, but I seem to always mark my eyelids when I use this wand.  No ideal.  So let’s talk the mascara itself.

I should point out I did curl my lashes after taking the first picture, bad blogger, I didn’t take the pictures after, apologies, I was rushing out the door to work.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Applied

The claims made

“Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara with Vitamins & Cucumber. Wake up to uplifted lashes! Precision brush wraps each and every lash with defined, clump-free volume, lifting & stretching them all the way up for an eye awakening effect!”

I’m not sure that it does anything wonderful in regards to waking up my lashes.  It does hold a curl pretty well throughout the day.  The one time I used it without curling my lashes, it didn’t do much to lift my lashes or stretch them for that matter.  I think it does help to define my lashes really nicely, giving a lovely fluttery look to my lashes with one coat.  There are also no clumps with just one coat, on the second coat however, it starts to clump my lashes together and they definitely need combing through.  Otherwise I seem to have baldy spots along my lash line where my lashes have clumped together.  It is not a particularly wet formula, which I prefer as I tend to get mascara everywhere with wetter formulas.  Sadly I end up getting this mascara on my lids with this mascara regardless!  Thankfully the formula doesn’t irritate my eyes, so that’s good.

All in all I’m not massively bowled over by this mascara.  I thought I would love it and I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t.  I know mascara can be a very personal thing, so this may work better for you.  I generally liked the formula and that it defined my lashes.  It is the wand I dislike, I can’t use it on my lower lashes for fear of covering my lower lid in mascara and you can almost guarantee that I will definitely get it on my top lid.  Not good, especially when you put the extra effort into your eye look.

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