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Speakers at Beauty Bloggers Awards

On Sunday I went to the Beauty Blogger Awards in the Olympia Beauty show.  There were a few talks on throughout the day, I got to see Kat from @Talesofpaleface among others.  In between some of the talks I popped into the Olympia Beauty show to do a spot of shopping and check out a few brands.

Olympia Beauty Trade Show

As you can see there were quite a few brands at the Olympia Beauty show, the show itself if mostly aimed at beauticians, makeup artists and salon owners.  There were some great discounts to be had and I may have taken advantage!   There were a few brands at the awards event including NYX, Skin Accumax and Best Secret. We were also given great gift bag for attending the Beauty Blogger Awards, as you can see from the pictures below!

Gifts from Awards

NYX had a great photo booth, that had epic lighting.  When we posted our pictures on either instagram or twitter and we were given another goodie bag which you can see below.  I did receive a few of these are part of the main gift bag from the Beauty Blogger Awards.

NYX Cosmetics gift bag

As I mentioned I did a wee bit of shopping, it would’ve been rude not to.   I popped to Crown Brush and picked up a few new blending brushes, smudger and pencil brushes.  I also went along to NYX and got a few different bits to try as well as an excellent pair coloured lipsticks for my eyebrows!  OPI were there and I had to get myself an original Nail Envy – my poor nails are still in a bit of a state, I also picked up a new colour to try.  Still on the nails, I visited All That Jazz and they had an epic stall – you can see it briefly in the video.  These nail decals were just too cool not to pick up.  Hopefully I’ll be able to try out the spider web decals by Hallowe’en!

Olympia Beauty Haul

So that’s it, I’m sorry I’ve not listed all the products in the pictures, I just thought this post would end up massively long  You can check out the video below, I’ve shown and named each product.


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