Expat Tag

Expat Tag

I was tagged by Charlotte Ryan to do her Expat Tag and I figured as I’ve lived away from Ireland for over a decade now, I definitely qualify as an expat!  I thought the questions were great fun and something a bit different for a change!  So let’s get on with the questions..

1. Where were you born/where did you grow up?
County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland


2. What country/countries have you moved to?
England – Liverpool initially to finish my degree and then Brighton for work, I’ve been in Brighton almost a decade now.


3. What made you leave your home country?
University in Liverpool and then I stayed away for work in Brighton.


4. What do you miss most about your home country?
The friendliness, the general banter.  I miss family and friends too, miss seeing my nieces and nephews growing up.


5. How often do you visit home?
Twice a year if possible.  Generally around Christmas and then half way through the year. My parents are pretty good about visiting Brighton to see both my brother and I. 


6. What’s the best thing about living abroad?
Initially it was the freedom.  Now it’s still the freedom of choice.  There is so much on offer in Brighton, there is always something on.  Plus I’ve a decent job and enjoy a good lifestyle.


7. What’s the worst thing about living abroad?
Missing people from home, especially if someone gets ill, you can’t just pop down the road to check on them.  


8. What food items do you miss most?
For general food I miss Potato bread, Soda bread, Wheaten Bread and Boxty. You can get some of it in England but not always the really tasty stuff.  I also miss Cadburys chocolate and Tayto crisps, both from the south of Ireland.  I live next to the border at home and have been known to drive across the border to pick up some chocolate and crisps.  So tasty!  They taste different to the stuff in the North.  


9. Are there any other countries that you would like to live in?
Yes loads!! I would love to take a long trip around the world, travelling slowly and staying a few months in each country that took my fancy.  Maybe in the future!


10. Do you think you will ever move home for good?
I doubt it.  I would love to raise any children I have back in Ireland, I’m just not sure it’s realistic.  I’ve no idea of where we’ll be in the upcoming years, so it’s hard to envision where we will decide to settle.


2 thoughts on “Expat Tag

  1. wow I thought you lived in Scotland for some reason (no idea why now that I think about it), but I think your moving around so much gives you a lot of character. I would love to travel and move around; I wish the USA didn’t have such a ridiculous time with visas and things. It seems like really difficult thing to get. lovely post Aine!

    1. I’ve visited Scotland but I’ve not lived there 🙂 I can’t wait to head off travelling again. I’m sure you could get visas sorted, I’ve no idea on the visa front though to be honest. I’ve not looked into it yet for myself! Something to make a note to investigate in the next year 🙂

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