October Goals

October Goals

Time for another monthly goals post, I really enjoyed my September Goals quite a bit, it helped me focus my attention a bit more and generally I’m a bit more intentional in my actions.

I’m keeping the Spending Less goal.  I’m getting slowly better at this.  I keep two cards in my purse to remind me I want to be debt free and I want to go travelling.  I’m definitely slowly getting better in my spending habits.  I’ve also re-discovered some gems in my makeup collection because of this!  Winning!

I’m adding in Sorting out my schedule!  This has been getting thoroughly out of hand.  It vaguely came back into line…for all of a week!  I’ve been slacking a bit, or just generally being lazy.  I’ve not kept to getting everything done on a Saturday – I generally get the videos recorded and pictures taken, but I’m not getting all the editing done.  I generally find myself editing the vlog to get sorted for Sunday and I get Monday’s posts sorted too.  Although in recent weeks the Monday posts are going up on a Tuesday.  I’ve just let it all slide!  I need to get a routine that works for me in place.  I hate spending my evenings editing and scheduling instead of spending what little time I have with my husband!  I think I need to clear up my life schedule generally, it’s too full.  So sorting that out too!

Skills are slowly improving.  I even did some reversing on a clip recently!  I’m also doing more editing on the photos front, so hopefully you’ve noticed some improvements?  I hope!  I’m going to continue polishing my skills.  This month though I’m adding on my makeup skills!  I’m going to start more special effects or at least more avant garde looks – expect a Hallowe’en tutorial soon!

Name Change! This is the most exciting change for me this month!  The name change from Áine Beauty to Honestly Áine! This means getting the domains switched over everywhere – on the blog, on instagram (already happened), on twitter and on youtube!  Of course that means anywhere I’ve manually entered my links, I have to change all those locations too!  So it’s going to be a fair bit of work, so I really do need to get my schedule in order, just so I don’t drown in the work!

I entirely over shot my goals last month, so this month I’m reining it in in the hope that I can accomplish these few goals.  On another note however I am reading more blogs and commenting, which has been lovely getting to know more bloggers.   I’ve also attended a few more events, most recently the Beauty Bloggers Awards – expect a post soon!  I’m also posting more regularly too, so that’s another goal accomplished.  So I managed about 4 of my goals from last month!  Here’s hoping I manage the same this month.

What are your aims for October?  Any goals you really want to reach?  What exciting plans have you got coming up?

6 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. I have two main goals for October, firstly, ensure that I have the baby Luke & Leia costumes finished and fitted in time for Hallowe’en and secondly, spend more quality time with my favourite ginger, before the Xmas shopping season gets so crazy that I don’t see him.

    1. Sounds like you’ve a busy month ahead! I’m not looking forward to the christmas shopping, I’ve a few birthdays in between! Hope you get the costumes all sorted 🙂

  2. awesome goals Aine! I personally want to get my diet under control, cook more, and the like. I’ve been eating out too much the past month or so. Also, I want to clean out my closet, clear clutter, sell some stuff, etc. I’m also looking to do a few 5K runs, try new recipes, and work up to 5 times a week boot camp 🙂 thanks for sharing your goals!

    1. So that’s a lot of goals! I’m in dire need of a declutter, actually hoping to get started on that later this evening. Good luck with all your goals!!

  3. love the new name Aine! Great goals for this month 🙂 My goals are to keep on making my lunches for work, cooking more for dinner, and going to bed earlier. Also, I’d like to do running and HIIT workouts more consistently, detox from sugar in November, and wake up earlier for morning workouts. good luck with your goals!

    1. Ambitious goals! Did you hit your September goals? I missed a few of mine. Determined to be better. I’m getting better at hitting my goals each time I do these posts, they seem to keep me in line. I need to do more HIIT workouts, I’m just waiting for another injury to get stronger so I have hit it. I think I should do the sugar detox too, or at least remove chocolate, sweets & fizzy drinks entirely! It’s got so out of hand. I must say I’m hitting most of this month’s goals, although my schedule has gone again (there was a reason) and my spending went fine until an emergency happened and I had to use my buffer 🙁 Will do better! Lots of luck with your goals! You can totally do it girl!

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