Dying mermaid hair & after care!

Stargazer Hair Dyez

I’ve been dying my for for a fair few months and I’ve decided to change the end of my hair.  I did bleach my hair myself, it took a few attempts and I would definitely recommend going to a hairdresser the first time you bleach your hair.  I’m a fan of the stargazer hair dyes.  They’ve great pigmentation and excellent staying power.  I used up the last of the Tropical Green, which was a wonderful minty teal green.  I decided to try out the UV Turquoise this time on the top half of my hair.  It is more of a blue toned teal shade.  On the bottom half of my hair I used Plume, which is a lovely two toned bluey purple.  I either apply the dye directly to my freshly washed hair, or onto my hands.  Then I just use my fingers to run it through my hair, making sure cover it all. I quite like the end multi-tonal effect.  You can use a comb to get a more even application of the dye. I generally leave the dye for 30 to 40 minutes before then rinsing it out.  I’m loving the addition of the Plume at the bottom, I think it’s a fabulous contrast.

Mermaid Hair

Since trashing my hair with bleach, my hair has become brittle and generally not happy.  So I’ve been using all sorts to help it out.  I recently bought this excellent detangling brush from Knots No More* and the Superdrug Detangling Spray* in Pear.  They are clearly aimed at children but that didn’t stop me and I’m so glad I did pick them up.  My hair isn’t painful to brush out especially in combination with the detangling spray, which has been a revelation.  I’ve been using Umerto Giannini Frizzi* miracle worker in aragan oil on the ends of my hair, I use about 3 or 4 pumps. It seems to be gradually feeling less brittle which is always a good thing!  I’ve gone back to an old favourite, the Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray.  It doesn’t weigh my hair down and does a great job at protecting my hair from the hairdryer.

I have been treating my hair a few times a month with my hair oil & heated towel, you can check out a post I did recently all about my Evening pampering session.  I think the combined efforts are finally starting to pay off.  I will have healthy hair again, I’m determined.

Hair Care

If you want to see how I applied the dye and the products mentioned you can check out the video below.  Have you been dying your hair?  Can you recommend a good shampoo & conditioner?


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