November Goals

November Goals

So we made it through October.  It has been possibly the busiest month of my year thus far!  I decided to take on small bits of freelance work, I competed at the British Opens – which is a national Irish dancing competition, I also thought it would be a great idea to start working towards producing content for Angle magazine!  I also went to the Blogger Beauty Awards at the start of the month.  So I may have set myself up a bit there…especially as one of my goals was to try and start sorting out my schedule.  That goal didn’t work out so well at all.  I’m still struggling to get a handle on my schedule, it feels like I’m trying to grasp smoke.  Which is getting exhausting frankly!

So this whole scheduling thing.  How am I going to sort it out? I think the best option for me is to strip back some of what I’m doing.  I have a few hours left on my current freelance contract, I intend to finish it up and that reconsider my options.  I want to continue doing some work, I just need to limit my hours.  I also need to stop procrastinating.  I’m a killer for watching videos rather than editing them, the same goes for blog posts.  I am getting better at this, but I need to continue working on it.  I think the lack of control is making me is stressing me out.

One goal that was obliterated this month? Spending less!    I actually did pretty well on this until a few unforeseen circumstances.  Then it all went to pot frankly!  This month, I have set aside money for those unforeseen circumstances.  I’ve also decided to try the cash envelope system.  I’ve been getting better at budgeting, but it is so very easy to use my debit card to simply pay for anything I fancy, well I have no willpower.  So I have set aside a certain amount for each and I have put that allocated amount of cash into individual envelopes.  I think I’ll do a write up on this once I’ve tested it out a bit!

Media Kit.  I think it’s about time I got around to actually making a proper media kit.  I’ve had a few dealings with brands and it can sometimes become a convoluted process.  I think it best to get it in order and clarify a few points.  Clarity is the way forward!

Skilling up!  This is one goal I definitely hit.  I did my Black Swan Hallowe’en look.  So much fun!  I have another planned, may as well make use of the red contacts before they expire in a month.  So expect another fun one soon!

So those are my modest goals for the month.  I think my biggest goal is my scheduling, trying to regain some control and order in my life.  Wish me luck!  What are your goals for the month?  Any exciting plans coming up?  It was great reading some of them last month.

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  1. awesome goals Aine! I need to update my media kit 😀 awesome job on spending less! ♥ I’m looking to DIY gifts this year so that’s a big goal for me as well as eating healthy homemade soups and staying active 🙂

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