Planner or Diary?

Planner or Diary

So it’s coming up to that time of the year, buying a new diary or is it time to switch to a planner.   I switched to this organiser from Paperchase* mid-2015 and I have to admit I’m incredibly pleased that I did!  Before I switched to an organiser I was using my page a day diary to hold my to-do list each day, I would also list all my expenses and any appointments I had.  I had a notebook to hold all my YouTube related notes – so product reviews, lists to check off each action and things I want to do to on the blog or channel.  I also had a second notebook to record all sorts of fun relating to my dance training and workouts.

Diary and Notebooks

Now with my organiser I have all three in one.  I have my diary  – it’s week on two pages* and I use some to-do insert pages to keep up with my ongoing jobs list – I’ve one for big jobs and one for everything else.  I’ve split the notes section into a few areas.  I have a weekly plan – when I’d like to post videos and posts, I’ve the check boxes, which you can see, I list all the ideas I’m working on and everything I have to do before putting them live.  I also have an area just for all the notes on my ideas.  Finally for that section I have a year planner, so I can plan out when I want to schedule videos and posts over the upcoming months.  The last part is a section dedicated to exercise, any drills I need to do or areas I need to focus on.


I tried using a filofax a few years ago, it was pocket sized and although it was useful, it was always bunged and a bit of a disorganised mess, simply because it was too small.  Now I have this A5 size, I have all the space I need to make notes without needing lots of pages.  Another added benefit, when you’ve used up pages and you no longer need them, you can just remove them and replace them with fresh pages.  This isn’t something you can do with an average diary or notebook.   I’ve made a few additions to my planner, the to-do list inserts, coloured note paper*, some tiny dot stickers* to identify birthdays or anniversaries and I use different page flags to help me find the various sections.  I don’t spend much time making it look fancy, but then I don’t have the time at the minute.  However, it is incredibly functional and I can’t see myself switching back to a diary any time soon.  Plus I feel more organised now that I have it all in one place, carrying one book is much better than three!

I’ve done a wee video below, which you can check out if you want a closer look at my planner and the various sections.  I’d fun playing with some stop motion while making it!  If you want a more in depth post on exactly how I use my planner/organiser/filofax, let me know and of course if you’ve any questions let me know.   Do you use a planner?  Are there any inserts that you just cannot do without, that help you stay more organised?  Or do you organise it in a different fashion to me?  I’d love to know!


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