Q&A and Exciting Updates!


Hello!  I’ve decided to do my first ever Q&A video & post.  In all the years I’ve been on youtube I’ve never done one, although I’ve come to realise I’m a massive fan of them, I mean come on, who doesn’t like to find out more about the people we follow online!

So if you have any questions for me, I’ll answer them in about two weeks.  You can leave a comment here, send me a tweet, you can snapchat (mcgovernaine) me a question or Instagram a question 🙂

Now for the updates!

So I’ve been gradually starting to do more work with some brands.  I’ve not yet done a paid for post, I’ve had a few offers but no brand that I wanted to work with or that suited this blog – so I wanted to be clear from the very start.  I will only work with brands I trust and that I respect.  I have received a few products to test out, which is lovely as they are products I’ve either bought in the past or would buy if I wasn’t trying to save all the money!  I will off course say in any posts if products have been gifted or if the post is paid for.

I have some more articles coming up in the Angle Magazine.  I’m using it as a bit of a practice ground for writing more.  So I’m thoroughly enjoying that and I’ll get to post all sorts of fun things about fashion on there.  I’ll let you know as and when they come up.  The article I’ve written for Frockadviser is going up today!  So I will update you all on twitter and I’ll update this post when it goes live at 2pm (hopefully!).

In the video I also mention Vlogmas – but I’d say you’ve spotted that on the blog by now!  I have two youtube channels, my main channel is Honestly Aine and a vlog channel Aine and Simon.  So I thought it best to let people know!

So that’s the whole craic.  I’m looking forward to seeing the questions that come through!! I’m so excited, I’ve never done a Q&A before 🙂

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