Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

I spent Christmas with Simon’s family this year, which was lovely.  We got to relax for a few days, even managing to go on the Boxing day walk for a few hours, followed by a well deserved drink at the end!  A very different Christmas to my family Christmas, for starters there are my siblings and their spouses and I have quite a few nieces & nephews. So the focus is on Santa and food with plenty of rakus!  It’s just the best fun seeing them open gifts on Christmas day.  This year at Simon’s home I got spoilt by Santa and got some wonderful gifts, I just wanted to share my excitement!  It was almost as good as being a child again.  I got a stocking and everything!

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    1. Do you know, I’ve never actually played scrabble! I really must, I love word games. It’s nice having the scrabble lights, I’m still trying to come up with word combinations to fit on them. I’m sure they’ll feature in a video soon! Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the New Year 🙂

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