Beauty Evolution, Surviving my 20s

Beauty Evolution

This is a bit of a different post.  I wanted to share my journey through my twenties, my beauty and style evolution.  I have some excellent memories with some great friends and some not so excellent, but they all join up to make me the person I am now.  The beauty and style of my twenties is actually pretty funny, well at least to me!    The two pictures below are from my early twenties, I was on the verge of turning 21!   In the photo on the right you can see the most experimental I got, my midnight blue tips!  I loved these and my hair was so naturally blonde that they really stood out.  You may also notice a distinct lack of makeup, I definitely have some on in the photo on the right, not much but there a lipstick and possibly a lot of concealer acting as a foundation.  On the left, no makeup at all.

Generally on nights out, I wore jeans and a fitted t-shirt or vest top or a shirt.  More often than not I paired that with a pair of nice trainers.  I did get dressed up the odd time, but I wasn’t overly bothered.  I also lived in jeans and tees most days.  So not particularly adventurous!  I generally loved my time in Belfast and I’d some wonderful friends.  Some of which I still keep in touch with regularly.

Early 20s Belfast

After starting uni in Belfast I then moved to Liverpool to an Honours.  This was a really difficult move for me and I’ve only a few good memories from my time in Liverpool.  Which is a shame, but we learn from these times in our lives!

Back to the dodgy photos.  I’m still grateful that social media wasn’t massive when I was being this awkward.  You may have noticed a theme, black, more black or red!  Below is the same top but in two different colours.  Again I made an effort in one and not the other.  On the left I’ve even curled my hair…well my friend did.  I wore those cords to death and the tops.  Again makeup is minimal, my skin is woeful in the picture on the right, you can maybe see it, red top was a bad choice.  I did definitely try out more stylish clothes in Liverpool but nothing very different.  I didn’t want to stand out from the norm.


By now we’re aiming towards my mid twenties.  Down below is an idea of my daily uniform.  Jeans, t-shirts and zip tops. Not much had changed from Belfast.


After finishing up uni in Liverpool I soon left to head to Brighton.  Brighton was possibly the best thing to happy to me.  Brighton has a great sense of freedom, you can do, say and wear whatever tickles your fancy and nobody will judge you for it.  Or if they do, they keep their opinions to themselves and are happy you’re expressing yourself.  I decided now was the time to play.  I started wearing more colour daily basis.  I started to pay attention to what I wore and how I looked.  I had a proper makeup make over in the bareMinerals shop, it was the first time I realised the difference makeup could make, when applied well. So I gradually started wearing makeup more regularly.  I also started mixing and matching my clothes differently, investigating my style.  It turns out I have a few different styles that I enjoy wearing!  It was also the first time in years that I cut my hair up short!  Love it and I entered my 30s with short hair.

I also had my eyes lasered after I moved to Brighton.  This had a huge impact on my confidence.  I no longer hid behind my glasses! This is turn made me more adventurous.  About time!  My only regret with having my eyes done?  Not getting them done sooner.   Seriously.  I met my now husband in my late twenties.  I discovered I rocked as a software tester.  I had a job I adored.  I was also dancing again.  All in all my life took a massive swing towards the positive in Brighton.  I finally liked myself and I was liking the person I was becoming.  I think my joy in my appearance reflected this.

Late Twenties

Things just kept getting better through my late twenties and into my 30s.  It’s fun looking back and seeing how bland I once was and how scared I was to try anything different in my style or makeup.  Oh how things have changed!  If I had to give one bit of advice to get you through your 20s?  Do all the things, now is the time to play with your style, figure out what makes you happy!  Who cares what people think, it’s unlikely that they’ll still be in your life in a few years.  Go do it all, make excellent memories.  Also, enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Evolution, Surviving my 20s

  1. thanks for sharing this Aine! Now in my late 20’s, I can say I used to take more style risks than I take now and that’s definitely something I want to change about myself this year. Also, I keep toying with going blonde, but it’s terrifying as my hair is almost black (dark brown). That said, YOLO? lol . thanks for sharing your experiences ♥

    1. I was so boring in my early 20s, I didn’t really do anything! Go blonde!!! Hair grows and sure if it goes wrong you can put a dark dye over the top, problem solved! Life is too short not to 🙂

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