January Favourites

January Favourites


I’ve been very nails focused this past month. I was sent the Micro nail electric nail polisher * quite some time ago to test out and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with it.  It has two spinning buffers, a slightly coarse one that helps remove any peeling areas and smooths out the nail.  The second buffer is to shine the nail, which it does fantastically well. I’m going to separate review on this very soon…so many products and such back log of reviews!  Needless to say it has made a marked improvement to my weekly manicures.   Another product that has made a massive impact on my weekly manicures, the  China Glaze Ever Glaze Prep.  This helps to remove any residue from the nails, drying them out and getting them grease free, ready for your base coat.  I generally just pop this on each nail, then a few minutes later I get on with the rest of my manicure.  I’ve noticed a marked improvement to the application of my polishes.  It’s just so very handy!  I had this in my collection for at least a month before breaking it out, I got it back at the Beauty Blogger Awards.  Kicking myself that I didn’t break it out sooner!   The final nail product is this beautiful nail polish from True Brit London in the shade Country Tweed.  No doubt you’ve spotted this on my nails over on Instagram.  This is a great nude shade, it’s not so creamy coloured that it gives me mannequin hands but it remains subtle and very easy to wear.  Easy to apply and is fully opaque after two coats.  It’s my most reached for nude polish.

For my hair I’ve introduced the Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer to my hair care routine.  I use this after washing my hair – after I’ve detangled my hair and added my hair oil.  I’ve noticed a big reduction in the general fluffiness of my hair.  It’s much more manageable and less puffy.  Great for my damaged hair.

January Favourites Swatches
Now for the makeup itself, I’ve only a handful of products that really stood out.  The L’Oreal Lumi Magique concealer*, I have the shade 2, which is a lovely salmon toned concealer.  This acts as a great colour corrector for us folk with blue & purple shades in around the tear duct and under the eye.  I generally like to apply this after my primer, under my foundation.  It just corrects everything nicely and then I can blend it in with my natural shade quite easily.  I’ve not noticed very much creasing using this product.  I will always experience a certain about of creasing – the joy of under eye wrinkles, oh expressive eyes – why move so much! All in, thoroughly enjoying this and will no doubt use it up pretty quickly!  I’ve had two lipsticks I’ve thoroughly loved.  Urban Decay’s Rush* – yes that is the old packaging…it may be past it best and it still works fine and I love it on my lips!  This is quite a mauve pink, bringing a nice cool tone the lips, it’s very comfortable to wear and great for reapplication.    The second lipstick is the Revlon Super Lustrous* in Pink in the Afternoon.  This is a peachy toned pink, it’s still pink just about!  This is a creme finish, so it’s a wee bit shiny on the lips but it’s very minimal.  This is lovely and comfortable to wear and great for reapplication.  I am such a fan of the Revlon lipsticks, you really should check them out.


The last favourite of the month as been a series of audiobooks.  I love audiobooks, my only gripe is that they’re so short!  I listen to books on my walk too and from work and within a week I’ve polished off a book. Not the case with these, the King Killer Chronicles from Patrick Rothfuss and read by Rupert Degas – who may I say is a wonderful narrator and really brings the characters to life!  The King Killer Chronicles are fantasy fiction, vaguely reminds me of a cross between Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, but not.  I’m aware that makes little sense but it’s just the feel of it. I’ve just finished the second book and I’m a bit sad that I have to wait for the next book to be finished!  They are without doubt worth investigating and are satisfyingly long.

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