Limited by Lack of Knowledge?

Lacking Knowledge

Have you ever felt limited by your lack of knowledge?  That you are working through thick custard, just to make a few changes to your routines?  This is me at the minute and it is so frustrating.   I want to spend time learning new skills and get them implemented, which takes quite a bit of time.  My full time job is getting in the way of my new learning.  I also want to post new content, sadly though this ends up being content just for the sake of it.  That is just not the way forward!  We all have that drive to keep people engaged with our blog, we work so hard on it, that it can sometimes be hard to take some time off to improve it.

I’m feeling limited by my lack of knowledge, so I’m on a quest to learn more.  I’m tired of not knowing how to get the changes I want on both spheres.

There are so many things I want to do with my blog and YouTube channel, but I don’t know how to achieve what I want.  So what do I do?  I go read up on blogs, Pinterest, watch videos and even complete the odd short course.  All in a bid to learn more.  I’m aiming for higher quality.  So posting may be a bit patchy for the next few weeks – between travelling home to see family and trying to up my skills, as well as training for the World championships  – did I mention those are 6 weeks?  Needless to say I’ve a huge amount on my plate at the minute, full time work, dancing 4 times a week both after work and weekends, I’m now also training in the gym twice a week.  Then a nice layer of creating videos and blog posts, which by now we know involves recording, video editing, taking pictures, creating the blog post content, more editing and then there’s scheduling everything from posting to tweets!  All the fun stuff.  Normally I enjoy it all and I used to have the spare time to learn, sadly with the Worlds being so close, I just don’t have that time any more, it’s all being used up by training.  So in order to not have a melt down, I’m going to take it a wee bit easy for now and re-jig my time, just so I can still have time for learning.  I’ll just be posting less, but higher quality posts!  Well that’s the plan.

I’m going to start by trying to make sure I colour correct every video, something I’m very much hit & miss with!  It’s not embedded in my routine as yet. Also sorting the end card – you may remember this one from my February Goals.  I’ve actually figured out the fundamentals, but I have to add this to my editing routine.  I also generally want to spend more time planning out my videos.  I’ve a few tweaks I want to make to the blog and plan out my images more.

So that’s the craic, I thought I’d give you an update and an insight to my life at the minute!  Don’t worry I’ll be back posting regularly soon.  For now, I apologise and hope you wish me luck 🙂

Are there parts of your life that are overwhelming the rest?  What are your coping mechanisms?  How do you prioritise the tasks you want to achieve in your life?  How do you manage your time to allow you time to learn?  All the questions!  I hope you are well and I will be back with something fun soon.

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