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Eloquence Skin care

I was kindly sent the Eloquence 4 step facial skin care line, as well as a  body oil, to test out.  I’ve been using them for just over a month now almost exclusively.  Sadly I’ve started to run out of a few of them, so it’s about time I shared my thoughts on the products.  All of the products contain Sacha Inchi Oil which is all natural, with antioxidant boosting qualities.  The products have no Artificial Perfume or Colour and No Harsh Chemicals – making them suitable for all skin types, even dry skin or sensitive skin areas.

So let’s dig in, first up is the Purifying Facial Cleanser, which retails at £7.99 for 20ml.

With the combined benefits of Cucumber and Coconut extract, this purifying facial treatment will cleanse your skin leaving it feeling comfortably refreshed, never tight, pulled or parched.  

It has a gel like consistency, with an iridescent sheen. I use about a pump of this on damp hands, then massaged it into my face.  It does foam up slightly, but it’s not soapy.  It left my skin feeling clean with no tightness.  Definitely wouldn’t recommend it for taking off makeup, I prefer to use this in the mornings now, although it’s fine as a second cleanse in the evening.  It is nice and refreshing to use in the mornings and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, winner.

After I’ve cleansed I use the Firm & Tone Serum.  This retails at £19.99 for 20ml.  I use about a pump & a half of this onto dry skin.  This has quite a light consistency and absorbs really nicely into the skin.

Eloquence Firm & Tone Serum with Glycerin and Coconut oil will illuminate the skin and give it a flawless appearance.  Added Hyaluronic Acid will give a boost of Collagen, which will keep your skin plump, smooth and supple.

I’ve had bad experiences with hyaluronic acid in the past, so I was slightly nervous about using another product containing it.  However I had no issue with the serum.  It did feel hydrating on the skin and again, aided my skin in looking and feeling smooth.

Once I’ve let the serum skin in I reach for the Firming & Moisturising Eye Gel.  This retails at £19.99 for 15ml.  It is quite a thin gel, so you don’t need very much.  I would normally only use about half of the example below.  It applies really nicely and sinks into the skin relatively quickly.  The blurb

One of our most exiting eye products, the Eloquence Firming & Moisturising Eye Gel targets dark circles and puffiness.  The added Hyaluronic acid will keep your eye area plump and will smooth out fine lines. That will really help to get rid of under eye bags.

I had very dry, slightly flakey eyelids for a few weeks.  They were quite irritated and I couldn’t find any eye products to help.  After using this eye gel for a few days there was a massive difference.  After a few weeks all of the dry patches were all gone and the skin around my eyes is in much better condition.  I can now wear eyeshadow again!  This is my favourite product from the line, one I think I will likely purchase in future.

Eloquence Swatches

The final step in the facial skin care line is the Protect & Repair 24 Hour Cream. This retails at £14.99 for 20ml.  This was thicker in consistency and didn’t spread as nicely as the other products.  It did absorb well, but it felt a bit heavy on my skin.  It definitely felt more like a night cream.

Our Protect and Repair 24 hour cream has added Hyaluronic Acid making it an intensive moisturiser. Use during the day to not only condition your skin but to give UVA & UVB protection, and also at night to hydrate and replenish your skin while you sleep.

This was the only product from the line that I didn’t really enjoy.  I felt it clogged my pores when I used it in both the morning and night.  If you have drier skin it might be more suitable for you.

The last product was the Nourishing Treatment Oil, which retails at £29.99 for 50ml.  I’ve been using this most nights on my hands and elbows.  It’s easy to work into the skin and it definitely does help dry hands recover.  I also use it after I shower and I have seen some improvement in the dry skin on my shins.

Eloquence Nourishing Treatment Oil will help to Renew, Repair and Revitalise skin, hair and nails.  Split nails or dry nails will become a thing of the past when you start to massage this organic body care product into them.

I do enjoy using this, it has a fresh citrus scent with a floral hint.   In fact all the products have this scent.  It’s not overpowering and it doesn’t linger.  I think it’s perfect for the morning, to help wake me up.  I like the packaging for all of the products, although unsurprisingly the oil has leaked slightly, making it a wee bit messy.  All in all the liked the line, apart from the moisturiser.  I  definitely had fewer breakouts in the first few weeks of using these products, it was only towards the four week mark that I started to get a few blemishes appear.  So maybe with a different moisturiser I’ll have better results.  I wish they came in bigger sizes, 20ml doesn’t last too long if you’re using them twice a day.  Sadly I’m now out of the cleanser, serum and moisturiser.   I’m delighted that I didn’t have any adverse reaction to the hyaluronic acid, so there is hope on that front!

If you’ve like to see any of the products in action, you can check out the video below.  I’ve done close up and demos of each of the products.


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