Getting all the things done!

Third Weekly Vlog March

I’ve had such a good week of getting so much done, very satisfying!  Some annoying tasks out of the way, training – as always.  Only two weeks left…that’s actually a wee bit scary.  Thankfully I got to finish the week off by going to the Brighton Blogger Meet Up.  I got to meet some absolutely lovely people, it’s been so nice to meet other local bloggers.  Hopefully we’ll all get together again for coffee and chats.

11 thoughts on “Getting all the things done!

    1. Lovely meeting you too Holly! You’re clearly famous now lol. Look forward to seeing you again, maybe we’ll get your face in next time 🙂

          1. Good to know you’ll be camera ready 🙂 Don’t worry I’ll warn you before putting the camera in your face.

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